Try A Different Kind Of Cruise This Summer

I have already shared my love of cruising holidays in many posts on this blog. For me, the luxury of the setting, combined with the excellent food and entertainment options is a great selling point. Add in the beauty of waking up in a different port of call every day. allowing you to experience a new city, culture and atmosphere, and I think you have the makings of the perfect holiday for all the family.

But cruising does not have to mean a European adventure, nor does it have to be restricted to warmer weather destinations, or sailing only. You can fly to a whole range of ports in order to start your cruise much further afield, and can then take in some of the wonders of the modern world whilst enjoying the luxury and adventure that a cruise can provide.

Alaska is becoming a very popular destination for those who like to cruise, but want to see something more than European cities. Companies like Canadian Affair organise cruises for those who want to experience an Alaskan cruise, with an option of first flying to Canada from a host of UK airports including Gatwick and Manchester. The beauty of these cruises is that you also get to see a little of Canada, as they also combine an option to stay in major Canadian cities such as Victoria and Vancouver before you embark on your seven night cruise, thus giving you a trip that combines both stay and cruise.

So why might you be tempted to cruise to Alaska I might hear you say? Well, the question should really be why wouldn’t you. The Inside Passage is one of the most glorious waterways you will ever see, with lots of opportunities to enjoy stunning scenery and maybe even spotting a whale or two. Along the route you will stop at a series of lively and vibrant port towns including Skagway, Glacier Bay and Ketchikan, all with their own history and culture that will help to create unforgettable memories. This is the sort of holiday that will long live in the memory, and will have you planning how you will be able to return again next year – real bucket list territory.

If you have been looking for somewhere different to holiday this Summer, then an Alaskan cruise could be what you have been looking for.You can also currently book for 2019 for 2018 prices so you could sort out next years holiday too.