Two Sister’s Coin Necklace From Wolf And Zephyr

Your jewellery choices can say a lot about you. It can show if you are outgoing and adventurous in your style, or if you prefer a softer, more minimal ethos. It can show if you love to shine brightly like a star, or if you’d rather just quietly sparkle. And it can also show if buying ethically is important to you, as you can support companies and brands that are trying to provoke change for the better in our world.

Wolf and Zephyr is just such a company. They look at every aspect of their products, from production to packaging and ensure that their products not only make you look fabulous, but they also make a difference. Some of their initiatives include:

  • Eco-Friendly Packaging
  • Conflict-Free Gemstones
  • Recycled Precious Metals
  • Commitment To Positive Environmental Change // Member of 1% For The Planet, donation made for every sale.

The Two Sister’s Coin Necklace from Wolf and Zephyr is just beautiful, not just a lovely necklace, but a powerful symbol too. Available on a range of chain lengths from 16 – 22 inches, and in two finishes, sterling silver coated with gold vermail, and sterling silver, this chain features a pendant in the shape of an ancient coin or talisman, and has the engraving of the ‘two sisters symbol’. The website gives us a little more information about the importance of this symbol, especially in our current times:-

The goddess coin, symbolic of powerful women, is considered to empower any woman that this pendant is gifted too. The Two Sister’s Necklace embodies strength from the deity of two sisters.

I wear my necklace on the longer chain, as I love to layer up and this makes that perfect. The pendent is perfect if you are looking for a necklace that you can wear every single day, as it is not ostentatious, but is instead delicate and elegant. I chose the gold finish, which looks lovely worn against pink and other pastel shades, but the silver is equally stylish.

If you are already thinking about Christmas, then this is a perfect gift idea, especially if you have a sister (obviously). It comes beautifully boxed and is small enough to post through a letter box if you are still not able to meet in person. If you order two of these (for yourself and your sister) you can save £10 on your order, which is a really lovely touch.

This is a necklace that you will love and will wear and enjoy forever. Definitely worth a look if you are a jewellery queen.

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