Types of Floral Dresses You Can Wear All Year Round

Spring is the time when flowers bloom again after being inactive during the fall and winter seasons. Since spring is associated with blooming, you will see a lot of people wearing floral dresses as the spring season begins. However, wearing floral dresses during springtime is no longer ground-breaking. You can wear your floral dresses all year long just as long as you know how to transition your dresses to match the season. 

So if you are planning to buy a floral print dress online, do not worry that you are only able to wear your clothing during springtime. Here are four types of floral dresses that you can use for every season. 

The Fit and Flare. 

The fit and flare is a classic dress style where the top bodice is tight-fitting while the skirt bottom flares outward. This dress style can universally compliment any body type because it creates the illusion of having a narrow waist with proportional hips. 

A fit and flare floral dress is also a great dress to wear for any season when going out with your friends. A fit and floral dress will give you a conservative look because of the high neckline while still being flirty with the flared-out hemline. When wearing a fit and flare floral dress, you can add in a thin belt to further enhance your narrow waistline and pumps that would match the colour of your belt. 

The Preppy Fit and Flare. 

The fit and flare dress look good as is, however, you can still enhance it by wearing a button-down underneath to make it look more preppy. Having a button-down shirt beneath your dress will also give you extra warmth during the cold winter seasons. Because your fit and flare already have a bold floral design, you should wear a white button-down with a three-quarter sleeve so that it will not clash with the overall preppy vibe. This preppy look will look suitable for the office. 

If you want the preppy version of the fit and flare, it is best to purchase a floral print dress online with large prints on solid, dark-coloured backgrounds. 

The Maxi Dress. 

The maxi dress is a dress that has loose, free-flowing hemlines that reach the floor or the ankles while having a form-fitting bodice. Maxi dresses are made mostly out of polyester or cotton and come in different neckline styles, colours, and patterns. A maxi dress is a great go-to dress for wedding seasons. When choosing a floral print dress online, choose a maxi dress with a lot of black prints so that you can wear them for evening weddings or formal events as well. 

You do not need to put on a lot of accessories when you wear a floral maxi dress since the pattern already catches people’s attention. You can tone down your floral maxi dress by wearing a white-coloured jacket over it or a black leather jacket for an edgier look. 

The Midi Dress.

Midi dress refers to any dress or skirt that has a hemline that hits between the knee and the ankle. You can purchase a midi floral print dress online if you want to look conservative for an event. 

You might think that a midi dress will only be suitable for formal events. However, you can transition your midi dress into something you can wear at the office by simply adding a plain dark-coloured shirt on top folded up to your waist and then adding a wide belt to cinch it in and keep it together. The shirt and belt will give you a new look transforming your midi dress to look like a pencil skirt. The only thing to remember when doing this is to use a darker coloured shirt with thicker material to hide the print. 

Springtime is not the only season to wear a floral dress. You should know how to transition your floral dresses so that you can have more use for them throughout the year.

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