Understanding How Your Child Learns

By understanding how children learn and by observing what learning styles they use to process information, parents can help to support their child’s education and develop their academic strengths.

To help you understand your child’s individual learning style and learn which activities and tools are most beneficial, Mill Hill School have provided the following information and advice…

The best way to understand how your child learns is to observe them and try to identify their ‘learning style’. This refers to which senses your child best learns through. By identifying individual learning styles, parents can employ techniques that will improve the rate and quality of their child’s learning.

Read through each learning style below and see if you can identify which one matches your child…

Auditory Learners (Listening)

Auditory learners absorb information through listening and benefit most by having things verbally explained. If your child is an auditory learner you may find that they like to recite information out loud and enjoy discussion groups.

Using music or audiobooks are helpful ways to engage with auditory learners.

Visual learners (Watching)

Visual learners benefit from being able to see what they are learning. Pictures and diagrams are great for teaching this type of student.

Use a whiteboard or flip chart and create opportunities for your visual learners to draw pictures and diagrams as you learn. It is also a good idea to print off information they need to learn and hang these up where they will see them regularly.

Kinaesthetic Learners (Tactile)

Kinaesthetic learners or ‘tactile learners’, learn best using hands-on activities. They enjoy using their sense of touch and also benefit from learning through movement.

You may notice that this type of leaner will often use hand movements to describe things and also have a tendency to move about whilst listening and speaking.
Kinaesthetic learners often enjoy subjects such as PE, Art and Drama, where there are various physical activities to hold their interest.

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