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Understanding the Importance of Anointing Oil and Mothers as Role Models

The term anointed refers to being sacred, dedicated to serving God, gracious, gifted, divinely ordained and set apart among other attributes. It is an important subject in the Bible and several references are made to anointing in the scriptures.

Meaning of Anointing

The word ‘anoint’ literally means to smear with or apply oil. According to the scriptures, anointing is performed through the influence of the Holy Spirit or with oil. The terms oil and anoint are synonymous in the Bible, which further shows how oil and anointing are integrated.

Scriptural References

Faith deepens as people move closer to God when they understand the significance of being anointed. Initial scriptural references to anointing oil indicate how important holy oil was for the purpose of setting apart items of worship to make them holy. God warns that the formula should not be reproduced or used on ordinary people.

It is later revealed that believers are recipients of divine anointing. While some may believe that oil should be restricted to leaders such as priests and kings, the Scripture states that believers in Jesus have the King of Kings residing in them and can therefore be anointed to have a continual presence of the Holy Spirit within them.


Anointing Oil.

Using Anointing Oil

  • Anointing oil is usually a symbol of the Holy Ghost and ancient Israelites were regularly anointed with oil.
  • Anointing oil serves as dedication that sets you apart for a special purpose in the Lord’s kingdom. Different tangible items ranging from clothing to homes can be anointed as acts of dedication to God. You can anoint yourself everyday and as you pray.
  • Anointing yourself and others is an enriching and fulfilling experience that will have a positive impact on your life. Parents are encouraged to anoint their families as they pronounce blessings upon their lives and pray for their peace as well as protection.
  • Anointing oil can be used during preparations for bible study, while worshiping and fasting. If you are sick, afraid or feeling overwhelmed, using the anointing oil of Jesus Boat will help to restore your faith and wellbeing.

Mothers- Spiritual Role Models

  • Motherhood goes beyond biological maternity. It is a spiritually fulfilling experience that gives you the chance to influence a person’s life in a positive way. Whether you have your biological children or they are adopted, God places young people in your life in order for you to be an inspiration to them.
  • A mother’s task is to strengthen, love, motivate and keep her children as happy as possible. Beyond your own children, you can continue to love and inspire other people through what is commonly described as spiritual motherhood. This is a divine opportunity to mentor younger people and give them the right example of how to live a life that is based on ethics and values.
  • Mothers impart valuable knowledge along with praying for their families. Growing up in a home where the concept of spirituality thrives provides a good foundation for children. Children whose mothers value faith and following the will of God are empowered to guide their children in the future. But Mother’s also need time for themselves, whether it be through  books, friends, sports or hobbies. For those who love games, you can find free spins, no deposit by looking online.


Ann Smith is a philosopher and teacher. She is married with two children and has written numerous articles about parenting and spirituality. She has taught a number of institutions and worked with different organizations over the years Find anointing oil of Jesus Boat here.


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