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Unique Engagement Ring Trends in 2020 that You’ll Love


They say that a diamond is a girl’s best friend; however, a chocolate opal or a purple topaz can still work. If you’re considering proposing, you might want to stay in tune with the engagement rings that are trending. With all the excitement and anxiety, you can end up buying the wrong ring or be spoilt for choice. There are many jewelry shops to buy engagement rings in the UAE; you can choose designer or vintage rings according to your taste.

Things to Remember When Choosing an Engagement Ring

It can be challenging to choose the perfect engagement ring; however, you can follow a few tips to avoid any confusion. Decide how much you’re willing to spend on the ring. An engagement’s ring value comes from the gesture behind it, not the money. Decide on your budget early; this will allow you to explore various options.

Choose a style; this might be the hardest part of choosing an engagement ring. If you are buying the ring alone, think about your significant other’s style and what she likes. Sometimes, your partner might drop several hints without you realizing it. If you bride likes something modern and contemporary, you might look at a stackable ring like those from Hestia jewels, you could then add to these on different occasions and anniversaries.

Engagement Ring Trends of 2020


When looking for an engagement ring, you want it to not only be special, but also unique. This helps to convey the beautiful message behind your proposal. Just as wedding dresses trend, jewelry styles come and go.

Below are the trending engagement rings of 2020 to inspire you when choosing your jewelry:

Colored Gemstones

Diamond rings were famous for a long time; however, in recent years, colored gemstones have risen in fame. More people are looking for ways to stand out with unique engagement rings.

Even the simplest alteration can make a difference. You don’t have to stick to conventional styles; you can be brave and bold.

You can find various gemstones engagement rings in jewellery shops in Dubai, where you will find friendly attendants to show you around. You can choose sapphires which denote a sense of royalty. Sapphires are also among the hardest gemstones. You can also choose emeralds, rubies, amethysts, tourmalines, citrines, and even garnets.

Halo Rings

The popularity of halo rings is rising. This is due to the encrusted design that creates the illusion of a larger center diamond compared to conventional engagement rings. There are various styles to choose from, for instance, emerald cut, oval cut diamond, pearl, round, or marquise-shaped engagement rings. Most ladies love the marquise and diamond rings, but they hate their pointed edges. The good news is when buying engagement rings, Dubai dealers can help to soften the edges.

Lab Diamonds

When buying diamond rings in Dubai, you can opt for lab-grown diamonds. These are environmental-friendly because they don’t require mining. Although scientists have been growing diamonds in the lab for several years, they were for industrial use.

Although lab-grown diamonds are not mined and are cheaper compared to other diamonds, they are not inferior and are also called natural diamonds. These stones are affordable because producers can cut off supply chains and eliminate mining costs. Also, they don’t compromise on sparkle or style.

Lab-grown diamonds are similar to mined diamonds in structure and appearance. They are not only used to make engagement rings but also diamond stud earrings. Their internal structure is almost identical, and durability is the same.

Three-Stone Engagement Rings

This ring has always been ideal as an engagement ring, but now that the Duchess of Sussex wears it, it has become even more popular. A three-stone engagement ring includes a center diamond with 2 smaller gems on each side. This ring is not only stylish; it has a deeper meaning. To some couples, it represents their past, present, and future. To others, it symbolizes friendship, love, and fidelity. There are also others who claim that it represents the Holy Trinity.

Yellow Gold Rings

Although white gold and platinum bands rings have been popular, yellow gold rings have made a comeback. Gold is very soft, and it requires mixing with other alloys to make it durable. Yellow gold is usually mixed with silver, copper, zinc, palladium, or nickel. Copper is used in high contents to maintain the color.

You will find that yellow gold is usually labeled as 18k or any other karat. This is to denote the purity of gold present in the metal. 18k means that 18 parts of the metal are ‘gold while the remaining 10 are alloys. Yellow gold is ideal if your partner loves vintage Jewelry. This is because it has a beautiful luster and looks appealing in vintage themes. Yellow gold rings are unique and hard to imitate.

Choosing an engagement ring can be challenging, especially when you don’t know the various styles and trends in the market. Visiting a reputable store ensures that you get assistance and authentic rings. Consider your budget, and partner’s style before settling on an engagement ring.


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