Unique Hobbies For Children

Hobbies are more than just ways to kill time. They can help your child to learn about themselves and who they are. They are a great conversation starter and give children the ability to develop new skills as well as make new friends.  We have teamed up with an independent school in Kensington to share 5 unique hobbies for children.


Fishing is a hobby that can make for great bonding. It can build a child’s fine and gross motor skills as they reel in their catch. It can be testing though. Waiting for hours with no luck. On the upside, it can help to grow their patience. 

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Crocheting often gets confused with knitting. It is similar in the sense that you can create woven textiles, but they differ as crocheting involves the use of a hook and looping directly onto the piece. This is another hobby that requires patience but once a project’s complete, it can be very fulfilling.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is one that your child can do from wherever they are so long as they have their binoculars and memory of what the different birds look like. It’s a great hobby to have as it takes you outdoors and helps them to appreciate nature.Baking

Baking isn’t a unique hobby but one that few do from scratch. Those that take it up need patience, an ability to use their imagination, follow instructions but also experiment. What makes it even more exciting is being able to taste your homemade creations fresh out of the oven. 


Karate involves a full-body workout and gets children active. It teaches them about self-defence and how to avoid conflict. Exercising it regularly is thought to lower blood pressure, build confidence and self-discipline. 



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