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I’ve been blogging now for almost eight years. I started blogging as a hobby, something to do to help me get my self esteem and confidence back after suffering from extreme post natal depression and a break down following the birth of my son Joe. The blog started out as a hobby, but soon became so much more than that, it developed into a career choice and a new start for me. This has not been an easy road, blogging is hard work and can mean working at strange times of day and night. But with a combination of good content, and developing social media management skills, a blog can continue to develop, grow and improve.

Here are some of my Blogging tips to help with content and promotion of your current blog. Let’s face it, if Carrie Bradshaw ever makes a comeback, she’ll be blogging rather than writing that column!


Know Your Stuff

Blogging can be a mixture of writing about what you know about, and researching topics that you are not so sure of. The key is that your information is honest and true. You really can write about anything to keep your content fresh and new, but you must make sure you research your topic and check that any facts you write are correct.  If you write a lifestyle blog, the content can be very varied so you will need to check your facts, draft your piece, and then check your facts again.

Develop Your Voice

Blogging is a real form of writing as valid as anything you read in a newspaper, magazine and book. Because of this, developing your own voice and style is very important. Your personality and style needs to shine through your work, whether you be writing a wedding blog, a sports blog or a parenting blog.

Read other blogs and pieces on the internet for ideas and influences, but be careful that the influence is not copied directly, plagiarism is the worst thing that a blogger can possibly be guilty of and will lose any credibility that your blog may have gained.

Follow Your Instinct

When you are looking for new content, you should always follow your instinct. If something interests you and ignites a passion or gives you an idea, you may be able to use this to write some interesting, popular content. An example of this is a post I created about the 1950s fashions wore in the BBC Daytime series Father Brown. I often watch this series during the day and loved the outfits worn by the leading female characters, Lady Felicia and Bunty. I turned this into a blog post that proved to not just be popular, but to be evergreen. The TV series returned at the beginning of they year and it helped make that old post one of my most read of 2018.

If you find something interesting, and can create good content about it, others will probably want to read it too.

Accept Guest Posts

Writing is a time consuming business, but the best blogs create new content on a regular basis, some having a new post every day, others posting several times a day. This is where accepting guest posts can be a good way to keep content fresh without getting blogger burnout.

There are some good bloggers out there who are happy to write a guest post for a link back to their personal blog. This is particularly true of new bloggers who are hoping to improve their DA scores with some credible back links. Some bloggers have regular guest series where they invite different bloggers to write about the same topic. It keeps content fresh and interesting, introduces your audience to new bloggers, but also gives you a blogging break.

Unique Content 

All your content should ultimately be unique content, but you also need to look at particular unique content in the form of interviews and exclusives. If you interview someone for your blog, then this is completely unique because you have put the questions together and got your particular answers. This can create very popular content.

Subscribe to press releases from different agencies and pr contacts, and then check the print at the bottom. Many will give contact information for interviews that can be done in the flesh, over the phone and through email. In this way I have created content with the likes of Judy Murray, Gok Wan, Gloria Hunniford, Annabelle Nielson and Coleen Rooney amongst others. These interviews have been popular, quality content that is once again evergreen – I share the Judy Murray content during Wimbledon every year and it still gets good viewing figures.

Ultimately, a blog rises and falls on the standard of the content, it is up to you to keep it fresh and interesting. You owe it to your readers.


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