Using A Blog As A Second Income

With many people now firmly embedded in working from home, finding the way to make a second income that can also work from home, cutting down the need for childcare and travel has never been more important. Working from home has been a godsend for many people who find that their income can virtually be swallowed up by childcare expenses, or the cost to commute and therefore, any second income needs to be more of the same. A blog is one way that you can work from home by tapping into all things digital, and it is something that doesn’t need much initial outlay.


A laptop? Or a decent Apple or Android phone? Even a tablet? You can produce and maintain your blog on any decent electronic device. A good camera is also useful if you are focusing on fashion, travel or food, but these days your camera on your phone is usually pretty decent.

Online, you need to budget for a hosting service if you want to make an income from your blog, you can find free platforms but some of these don’t allow for sponsorship and ads, so look to something like You may also want to purchase a vanity url and a bespoke theme for your blog – think carefully about who you want to work with when choosing between a .com or url.

Making Your Blog SEO Friendly

In order to gain clients for adverts, sponsored and guest posts and link insertions, you need to make your blog SEO (search engine optimization) friendly. You want to look carefully at keywords you use to make sure you are attractive to Google, to add backlinks in posts to your own content and to highly rated sites on the net in order to push your own site up the rankings and pages. Aqueous Digital have put together a brilliant post that helps you identify how you can improve your sites SEO, it is well worth a read to push your blog onto a new level and gain more prospective partners.

Content And Promotion

If you choose to create a blog as a form of income, you need to make sure you are posting regularly, and that you are promoting that content. The good news is that you can promote via social media using sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that are free to use. TikTok, and Instagram reels, are also popular visuals that can capture an audience.


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