Vitality T20 Blast With Buckt

It’s not every Sunday that you get to listen to a Cricket World Cup winner and get to have your photograph taken with the actual cup, but that’s what happened last Sunday when we went to Edgbaston for the latest Vitality T20 blast match, Birmingham Bears against the Lancashire Lightning. Despite it looking like it was going to be a washout, the weather held and we had a fantastic day.

The tickets were part of this month’s Buckt subscription, a monthly tickets and activities subscription box for couples that costs just £12.50 per month per person. The activities chosen are in your local area and you can choose to do all of them, or just one. If you take this in context, tickets for the T20 blast matches were £19 in advance, £25 on the day, so with one activity the box has already paid for itself twofold.

The T20 blast matches are a perfect introduction to cricket for anyone who likes the idea, but couldn’t sit through the test. T20 matches are fast and furious, made up of 20 overs so they last around two hours, and they have a thrilling family atmosphere, with songs, ‘floss cams’ cards to hold up for fours and sixes and a generally fun atmosphere. It also has a family atmosphere. Buckt is aimed at couples, but you can also buy reduced tickets and passes for friends. With the cricket, kids go free, so we were able to take Joe with us. The seating is unreserved, but there is a family stand where you have the chance of getting a free t-shirt or appearing on the big screen.

The match itself was great, as the Bears won in a rather thrilling conclusion (it looked like Lancashire might just do it, but a couple of brilliant catches put paid to that). Birmingham Bears World Cup winner Chris Noakes was interviewed at half time, before he headed to London for The Ashes, and, of course, there was the chance to get a picture with the World Cup, the real Cricket World Cup.

All in all, a pretty great afternoon, whether you’re a cricket fan, or a cricket novice.

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