VMA’s 2020 Red Carpet Looks

The strangest red carpet of all time took place yesterday, as the socially distanced, mask enhanced VMA’s returned for 2020. Lady Gaga, who can always be relied upon to bring something weird and wonderful to the red carpet, was the headline act, performing with Ariana Grande, both wearing masks which didn’t even allow for lip syncing, but still delivered a high octane performance that has been sadly missing during the lockdown, and it was also great to see some genuine glamour back after months of zoom type, top half only performances.

Maybe it was apt that glorious technicolour was making a statement in the red carpet looks on show. Sofia Carson wore a stunning ballgown of a lovely tomato red, not necessarily the sort of dress you associate with a musical red carpet, but she’s probably not had any other opportunities to wear it, so what the hell, it looked amazing.

Joey King also opted for red, albeit mixed in with some glorious green in a floral mini that ticked all the style boxes. I loved the pattern, and the long sleeves and high neck that contrasted well with the shorter length.

Nicole Richie was also in attendance, taking the green shade of Joey’s dress for a rather glorious, origami style folds dress that combined the lush styling of a ballgown, with the rock and roll short skirt. I think this was my personal favourite look of the night.

Miley Cyrus was also back and delivering a high glamour look that reminded me of the sort of Bob Mackie dresses favoured by Cher in the 1980s. It had a high flesh flashing quota, but it has to be said she looked great in it – if anyone can carry this sort of look off, it’s Miley.

And then there was Gaga, who wore a whole range of looks, each accessorised with some sort of face covering. Her red carpet look with a plastic bubble space helmet was probably my fave, particularly with her silver hair and stylish spaceman style look. Otherworldly, bonkers and pretty amazing.

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