Wardrobe Staples for the Working Millennial

Every millennial is seemingly confronted by a common problem when they enter the workplace – the office dress code. If you have tried shopping for office attire back then, you may have noticed the same colors and styles on clothing shelves. The fashion situation in today’s workplace, however, has leaped significantly and has transformed with the entrance of the younger generation.

For someone who’s not used to workplace fashion, trying to adjust to office attire from their regular clothes can be quite intimidating. It can seem impossible to wear office clothes fashionably. However, there are many designs and combinations that will help you achieve that seamlessly.

With the changes in the modern world of fashion, you’ll truly find something that best fits your needs. Nowadays, office wear is about comfort, lifestyle, and self-expression. For instance, you’ll have to wear the right undergarments that provide enough comfort in an office setting. You can find these in popular shops and comfy products like Bamboo bralettes.

Millennials are finding ways to look sharp and put together while still having fun with mixing and matching clothes. Manufacturers, on the other hand, are working hard to find the right designs and combinations of materials that’ll fit these ever-changing needs. Whether it be your Dickies Work Pants or oxford shirt, you are sure to find something in your local department or clothing store.

Dress Shirt

Dress shirts are the absolute wardrobe staples for work. No office attire selection is complete without these shirts. However, they may also be one of the trickiest to nail because of the fit, collar, sleeve, and whatnot. Getting the right fit is key to how your dress shirt will look, so make sure to try on all fits to see what goes best with your body type.

When choosing the design, you want to make sure that you keep a few classic pieces in your wardrobe. Set aside some dress shirts in traditional colors like white in case of formal events, then have others in more fun yet equally professional colors. You can also opt to go for subtle patterns like gingham. Having different designs in your wardrobe gives you a wide range of options that fit just about any occasion.  

Work Pants

If you have your dress shirt staples, then you surely have your work pants as well. When it comes to pants, the important thing is to find a pair that fits you well and does not crease easily, especially in the ankle area. If you opt to get a pair of no-break pants to avoid creasing the fabric that touches your shoes, make sure the pants are not too short.

A millennial’s wardrobe often consists of Dickies Work Pants as they are versatile and come in a variety of styles and colors, not to mention affordable, and won’t break a millennial’s bank.

Before you purchase work pants, make sure the design and color match your dress shirts. For convenience, you can choose from universal colors like black and navy blue. With these in your wardrobe, you’ll never struggle to find the right combination for your pants and shirts.


You’ll also have to search for the right office shoes before wearing the appropriate office clothes. Millennials are now bringing in a new shoe to the workplace – the sneakers. Nowadays, it is becoming more popular to pair suits with more casual shoes, which work exceptionally well as long as you choose the right sneakers. You want to avoid running gym shoes since they are not appropriate in the workplace. Instead, go for a more structured pair of sneakers that do not have a bold design, so it still goes well with your shirt and pants.

Nonetheless, you can still opt to go for traditional options like oxfords, loafers, and brogues that match seamlessly with most work pants. Colors like black, brown, or beige will be good picks since they are more neutral and thus easy to match with your clothes.


Although you do not necessarily have to wear a blazer in the office at all times, you should still have one in your wardrobe for times when you will need to wear it. Blazers are great staples for interviews, in particular, since they add a layer of formality to your overall outfit.

Though black blazers were the classic go-to back then, you will now find a range of colors to achieve that chic yet equally sophisticated look. Generally, you want to find a color that compliments your skin, hair, and eyes. At the same time, make sure the color of your inner shirt, dress, or top does not harshly contrast with the color of your blazer.

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