Ways To Use Satin Ribbon

The use of satin ribbons is becoming more popular these days. They’re not just for clothing anymore! Satin ribbon has been used for years by crafters to create beautiful art from the scrap’s leftover from other projects. Still, now it’s also been turned into flowers, bookmarks, hair braiding accessories, mobile phone covers, or cases, snake craft items – the list goes on and on! The only limit is your imagination! There are so many creative ways to use them, and they can be found in a variety of colors that will match any occasion.

Art from Ribbon Scraps

Ribbon scraps are an inevitable part of any craft project. Most people have ribbons left from either wrapping gifts or decorating at Christmas. You have a box full of satin ribbon scraps you no longer need; why not turn them into art? You can make simple geometric or abstract patterns with satin ribbons and frame them. Use satin ribbons to add a beautiful splash of color to your home.

The ribbon is lightweight and doesn’t take up much room. It’s easy enough for children to help with too. Try cutting scraps into wide strips – they’re more manageable if you don’t have as many! You could use the ribbons to make a painting on your bedroom wall or in an unused corner of your living space.

There are no limits to creating art from satin ribbons: think outside the box!

Flowers from Satin Ribbon

Have you ever tried paper folding, the art of using and shaping cut material? You can make beautiful things by folding the satin ribbon in a specific way. Ribbon flowers are perfect for a variety of personal and decorative uses. Satin

You can use single face satin ribbon flowers to decorate your windows, bouquets, or even as a gift. No matter what you’re looking to do with these pretty blooms, they are sure to add some style and elegance to any project.

When crafting beautiful paper roses, it is best not to work on the same petal at once because this will create an awkward overlapping effect in the design of your flower. Instead, focus on one petal at a time by folding each layer inward before moving onto the next step. This way, each fold remains separate from the rest!


An exciting way to use satin ribbons is for a bookmark. You can make it stand out with accessories, like adding buttons of various shapes and sizes.

You can also have a button band on the left side of your bookmark. This would be more appropriate for smaller books, like cookbooks or novels. For larger books, you may want to consider having buttons down one edge only–these are called bookmarks with ties!

The best way to make these thin and lightweight is by placing them in between two pieces of cardboard while cutting out circles from both layers. The more delicate satin ribbon needs less bulk than thicker ones do, so it will lay flat against any page that you place it upon.

Hair Braiding

You may have seen hair braids with a satin ribbon instead of more hair. You’ll notice the difference, and it’s beautiful! The single faced satin ribbon used in hair braiding is often pretty and woven through the hair to create an accent.

A single satin ribbon can also tie together two braided pigtails so they don’t come undone easily.


One of the easiest ways to make a baby mobile is by using lengths of colorful ribbon tied up and hanging down from one frame, pinching the center of your satin ribbon knot for a bit more style. Whimsical mobile for small babies can be made with a few fabrics, spring-type metal parts, and satin ribbon.

First, to make this mobile easier, tie one or two knots about six inches from each other, then cut off any excess ribbon and fold the piece over like an accordion.

Then use thread or pipe cleaners to hold up the satin ribbons.

Snake Craft

Help your children cut a snake shape from construction paper, then glue googly eyes onto the piece. Next, cut the ribbon into two long pieces. Tie one to the other so that they form a circle with a rough-looking “tongue” on either side.

Christmas tree

These cute DIY Christmas trees are made with beads and varying lengths of ribbons, looped around them to create a cone shape.


Wreaths are traditionally used as Christmas decorations, but you can also fill a round frame with colorful and patterned satin ribbons to create elegant door hinges.

To build this ribbon wreath, it is important to use ribbons with wires. To ensure the bubble-like look stays intact, wrap this fabric around the wreath’s frame. The most difficult part of assembling this ribbon wreath is the beginning. One downside is that the satin ribbon can shift around more than you want it to. When you first start adding strips to your row of loops, the stack might not be secure. But by continuing to add more rows of loops, the stack will stay in place better when it’s done.


There are so many ways to use satin ribbon! We hope these ideas give you a few new and exciting things to try. Remember that the most important aspect of any project is you.

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