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The little known sequel to Phantom of the Opera was given a rare revival in Wolverhampton tonight, and shows why it might just be Lloyd Webber’s lost masterpiece. The West Bromwich Operatic Society breathed wonderful new life into the story at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, which reveals where the phantom disappeared to in the aftermath of the Paris fire at the Opera House, with the action now transferred to bright, and yet still unworldly surroundings of Coney Island. This is where the phantom has been living, hidden, in his created vaudeville theatre Phantasma. The return of his one true love Christine to New York, to perform at the request of Oscar Hammerstein, shakes the foundations of all he has created, and also have devastating repercussions for all around him, including Christine’s now husband Raoul, her former friend Meg Giry and her son Gustave.

In the hands of WBOS, Love Never Dies is both beautiful and eerie, with a darkness that comes through the brightly painted Coney Island scenery and the incredible twinkly lights that give the set a magical feel of New York in 1907. A lot of this show can be described as spectacle – from the opening scenes in Coney Island which contain the ensemble from both vaudeville and the ‘freak shows’, to the creation of the stunning Pier when Christine and her family arrive in New York for the first time. Love Never Dies is so beautifully staged, it never looks less than incredible.

And the we have the leads. The phantom is played by Dan Smith with both charisma and a sinister edge. His vocal range is just stunning and he has a wonderful chemistry with Mollie-Anna Riley as his forever leading lady Christine. Mollie-Anna is perfect as Christine, beautiful, elegant, and with the most exquisite voice. Her performance of ‘Love Never Dies’ literally brings the house down, it is impeccably moving and full of emotion. The two leads are ably supported by brilliant performances from Tye Harris as  the tortured Raoul, another with a perfect vocal performance, Holly White as the lovely but tragic Meg Giry, the Ooh La La girl who has some of the best songs, and Sarah Moors as the bitter Madame Giry, whose home truths bring everything towards its denouement.  A special mention must also be given to the super talented young star Elijah Critchley, who shines as Gustave. This is a truly standout cast, with powerhouse vocals coming from every corner.

Love Never Dies is a treat that is hardly ever seen, and in the hands of WBOS it is nothing short of a masterpiece. Oh, and watch that ending, it is a two boxes of tissues job that fully deserves its standing ovation.

Love Never Dies at the Wolverhampton Grand

Until 4th May

Click here for ticket information


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