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Wedding Hats And Fascinators – Get Some Celebrity Inspiration

When it comes to being the best dressed wedding guest, a lot rests on your choice of head wear. The hat or fascinator that you choose can often make or break your outfit, and can also elevate something plain and simple to the realms of the chic and showstopping.

When it comes to choosing your head wear of choice, there are a lot of stylish celebrities you can look to for inspiration. They show how your choice can either compliment or contrast with your outfit to ensure that it is not only the bride who will be turning heads at the wedding, a new fascinator is always a statement piece and can be the thing that makes or breaks your outfit.

The Royal Ladies

When it comes to celebrity wedding inspiration, you can always look to the Royal Family. It seems the Duchesses Kate and Meghan are always attending some society nuptial or the other, yet they approach them in very different styles.

Kate is the Queen of the statement hat, often choosing something large and beautiful that perfectly complements her outfit. She opts for block colours and matchy-matchy style, but the overall effect is one of sheer elegance.

Meghan also likes a hat, but opts for much smaller, neater options than Kate. She seems to take her style cues from Jackie Kennedy, with pillbox styles and small elegant hats. She has also opted for black at a society weddings, something that would once have been frowned upon, but with the rise of black and white themed weddings, is now a chic option.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss doesn’t always chose a hat as part of her wedding outfit, but when she does, she always looks super cool. At the wedding of Princess Eugenie, Kate opted for a vintage style hat with a black dotted veil that both echoed the 1940s and the revival of the 1980s. One of her coolest efforts was a fedora style with a scarf attached that she wore for with a short suit for Bobby Gillepsie’s wedding in 2006.

Katherine Jenkins

Another stylish lady who could totally be described as a hat heroine is Katherine Jenkins. Katherine is a regular at ladies day events, and her choice of dress and hat combinations would be perfect for any Summer wedding. Katherine absolutely uses colour to maximum effect, even when the dress is simple, the choice of colour and head wear mean that the look is always eye catching and show stopping.

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