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Wedding Jewellery Trends 2023

On your big day, absolutely everything has to be just right, from the dress you choose, to the accessories that complete your look, from the outfits you choose for your bridesmaids, to the venue, the music, the flowers. As I said, absolutely everything.

This is certainly true when it comes to the jewellery you choose to wear. The all important wedding ring is obviously the first consideration, but you will be choosing other jewellery too. Shesaidyes is a key destination when it comes to choosing wedding jewellery, specialising in the most beautiful of gem set jewellery set in a range of precious metals including traditional yellow, white and rose gold.

I have been looking through their current collections, and have chosen some of the key wedding trends for Spring/Summer 2023.


Depending on the neckline of your wedding dress, you may opt for a cute necklace to bring your look together. Traditional designs include those incorporating diamonds and pearls, but another idea is to opt for a necklace that incorporates a gem stone that matches your wedding colour scheme – for instance if your bridesmaids are wearing green, then you could wear a necklace with an emerald gemstone at its centre.


Of course, the style of necklace you chose depends on your personal taste, with diamonds being both traditional, and a gorgeous match for the white of a wedding dress. If a single, larger stone is not to your taste, you could instead opt for a design that incorporates a series of smaller stones.

What about the earrings?

Earrings are also important, and very much dependent on what style you chose to wear your hair in on the big day. If your hair is loose and flowing, then a simple, solitaire stud design may be better, as they may not be seen that much, and are unlikely to get tangled on your flowing locks.


If you are wearing your hair in an up swept style, then you can add some style with trendy earrings that add a little colour and sparkle to your look. These can still be a stud style design – something with a drop may be a problem if you are also wearing a tiara, but they can be more dramatic and romantic than a simple stud design.

Bridal Sets

One of the things that Shesaidyes is known for are the wedding ring bridal set, which incorporate more than one ring as part of the wedding suite. These are a really gorgeous idea, as they can be worn separately or together, and are so much more unusual than a single wedding ring. Layering has been a big fashion story recently, and this is a great way to add a fashion touch to such a traditional item. The two rings could also act as an engagement and wedding ring, ensuring a perfect match.




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