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Wedding Jewellery Trends For Summer

Summer is most definitely wedding season, with church weddings and weddings abroad both very popular at this time of the year. So with one eye on (hopefully) flaming June just around the corner, now seems like a perfect time to look at some of the trends in wedding jewellery for Summer 2023. Wedding jewellery specialists Shesaidyes have tasked me with looking at their collections to see what the discerning bride is opting for this summer.

Here are some of my key picks to look out for.

Amethyst Wedding Ring

The trend for wedding rings that are not just a plain band, but are gemstone set, has been growing in recent years, and with purple and lilacs being popular shades, it is no surprise that the Amethyst has become a very popular stone for wedding rings. An amethyst wedding ring is great for January/February birthdays, as it is the birthstone of Aquarius, and it is also sometimes known as the birthstone for peace and calm, which is a pretty perfect way to start your wedding.

A amethyst gemstone in the shape of a heart is a wonderful choice for a wedding ring, and if this is also your colour scheme for your big day, this is a really stylish choice too.

Eternity Bands

An eternity band, also known as an infinity ring, is often used to symbolize never-ending love. In the past this has often been gifted for a significant wedding anniversary, but, these days, it is often given as a gift on the wedding day, and can often match the chosen wedding ring.

This season, eternity bands are often gem set, with diamonds being an ever popular choice, although the bands are now not limited to yellow gold, but also come in white and rose gold, silver and platinum. A great choice could be to have a simple wedding band, and then a more ornate eternity ring, to be worn on the same finger. Another idea could be to mix the metals for a more edgy style choice.

Matching Wedding Bands

One of the things that I really love about Shesaidyes is that it has a facility on the website which allows you to match your wedding ring to your engagement ring, and to visualise how these will look when worn together on your finger. This is a great way to see if your choices will actually match and look good when worn together, and is a brilliant idea if you are currently buying an engagement ring, and want to choose your wedding band for a future date.

Matching wedding bands not only look extremely stylish, but allow a real uniformity to your look, making sure your choices compliment each other rather than one ring overwhelming and upstaging the other.



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