Wedding Ring Fashion Trends

Are you getting married in 2017? If yes, congratulations! If not, it’s never too early to start planning! Fashion-forward brides love capitalizing on the latest wedding ring trends and fashions. Your wedding ring symbolizes your eternal bond and love – it signifies that you have chosen to spend your life with your perfect soul mate. Lots of people prefer hunting for the perfect ring rather than just settling for something last minute.
Picking out the best ring is difficult, but starting early can get you your dream wedding band. Ring fashions have evolved over years and it is ideal to get as much information as possible in order to make a gorgeous selection. Uniqueness, color, design and material play an important role in differentiating ring styles along with wedding themes.

Let’s look at some of the trending wedding ring fashions for 2017:
Pave setting:
Pave setting rings are identified by the tiny clusters of diamonds or stones set together to look like one big whole. The sparkle and shine on this setting are off the roof! Pave set diamonds are ideal for enhancing the stones on your engagement ring. This setting works excellently on slim and wide bands since it can be customized according to style and cut to add to the glam quotient. Pave stones can go around the entire band, or just on some part to provide an irresistible accent to your solitaire. Brides choosing a more traditional ring can also incorporate this style to make it slightly more contemporary.

Rose gold bands:
The Rose gold trend caught on in the last decade and hasn’t faded out yet. Rose gold bands can be paired excellently with white and yellow gold, with or without stones. Rose gold is a more romantic version of the yellow gold variant. Rose gold rings also add a vintage touch to the whole affair. If you want a mix of traditional and modern wedding ring patterns, then this should be the choice for you!

Vintage wedding bands:
Let us just say, vintage never goes out of fashion! While some trends come and go, vintage stays forever. From authentic antique settings to contemporary changes, vintage set rings steal the show. You can have blends of gorgeous stones like sapphires, emeralds and rubies encircled with flawless diamonds to bring out your classic solitaire or you can add the vintage touch with minimal scrolls, slightly raised edges and filigree work. Use yellow, red or white gold, and platinum to get the perfect vintage style.

Stackable sets:
Many fashion-forward brides today are going for the rising stackable wedding bands trend. Thin diamond bands are designed to be worn one on top of the other. Mix and match different metals and stones to get the perfect set. Young brides enjoy the uniqueness these rings provide to remain flexible and playful in their outlook towards married life. This also leaves room to add more rings for special occasions like anniversaries and births of your future children.

Five stone settings:
Five stone rings turned the tide on eternity bands as a less expensive, hotter trend. Five stone wedding bands have emerged as forerunners in beautiful, elegant wedding ring fashions. Shared prongs and Halo settings look gorgeous in five stone rings. These settings increase brilliance in cut and clarity of diamonds while reducing the impact of the metal seen. Halo five stone settings also add to the magnificence of diamonds by making them look larger than they actually are.

Classic Bands:
Classic bands never go out of fashion! Ever! Classic bands are available in yellow, rose/ white gold, and platinum. Classic bands are versatile in their shapes and widths and can be beaded edged, flat, knife-edged, and half round. Classic bands can be shaped to fit snugly with engagement rings to look like a whole. They have the added advantage of excellent finishes like Satin, Florentine, Polish, and Hammered. Classic wedding bands are age old and always add a gorgeous finish to your existing engagement ring.

Ideally, couples should look for wedding ring choices together. It makes you closer to each other in the middle of all the wedding planning and reminds you of the beauty in your joining. It doesn’t matter how trendy or vintage the ring is, what matters is the love and trust you share with each other. By committing to one another, you have started on a beautiful journey that is strengthened by the wedding bond. Invest love and effort in these gorgeous wedding ring styles and start your ‘happily-ever-after’ together.

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