Weird beauty practices

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The beauty world is full of wonderful treatments, from lotions and potions that promise eternal youth or to make you look 10 years younger. There are pampering treats:- manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, all enjoyable and relaxing, designed to make you feel a million dollars. But there are some stranger beauty practices and procedures that may not have you racing to your local Spa or beauty salon to try them out.

Plastic Surgery for the toes

We all have that gorgeous pair of shoes that we never wear because we would need to cut a toe off in order for them to be comfortable. This may seem a little drastic, but a so called ‘Stiletto surgery where a toe is removed, is actually a thing. I’d just suggest it may be easier to buy the shoes in a larger size.

Anal Bleaching

This used to be one that was just limited to porn stars, but surprisingly bleaching your bum has grown in popularity in recent years.  According to the Anal Bleaching Guide “…Since porn stars and celebrities made anal bleaching mainstream, both women and men have been flocking to spas and cosmetic stores wanting to bleach their anus…” I have to be honest, it’s not a beauty practice that I will be trying myself, but, whatever floats your boat!

Vampire Facials

When you talk about strange practices, you just know that at some point you are going to be meeting a Kardashian. So here’s Kim and the practice of having a facial that consists of smearing your own blood all over your face. There are other steps attached to this procedure, but I opted out at  smearing blood all over your face, looking like Carrie ready for vengeance on all those nasty teens at her prom.


Poisonous make up

Thankfully this no longer happens, but in the past, cosmetics was a dangerous business. Filled with lead and mercury, the lotions and potions our beauty loving ancestors were adding to their skin was slowly killing them. Dying to be beautiful takes on a whole new meaning.

The beauty world is full of weird and wonderful products, but I guess that when it comes to beauty, I’m a bit of wimp – bee and snake venom products scare the life out of me!

My beauty quirk!



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