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Welly Season from Wynsors

This afternoon my son decided he wanted to play football in the garden. This was frankly the last thing I wanted after trying to fight off the dreaded flu for almost a week now, the telly and a hot chocolate sounded a far better choice, but into the garden I went…and realised yet again what a wet winter this has been. Sodden grass that my boot heels sunk into, leaving a trail of mud and grass all over the patio (and all over my new boots!). All this was a gentle reminder that I need to get some new wellies, and quick.

Wynsors has a really cute and fun range of wellies that should suit just about every taste. Pretty, girlie colours, prints ranging from butterflies to retro polka dots and even a bit of glitter thrown in, these are the sort of wellies that make you five years old again, and longing for puddles. What’s more, because they are from Wynsors, you know that these will not break the bank, prices ranging from £12 -£20. Plus, these will also be perfect come festival season, has, unless you are off to Coachella, this is bound to be the wettest time of the whole year. (sigh!)

If you make one buy this month, I’d get a pair of wellies. After all, we haven’t had any real snow yet…

Wynsors Flower £12 click to visit Wynsors
Wynsors April £14 click to visit Wynsors
Wynsors Lollie £15 click to visit Wynsors
Platino Cerise £15 click to visit Wynsors
Platino Glitter £12 click to visit Wynsors


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  • Raina

    I like the red ones, and Im a bit excited about these cause I have BIG calfs and always struggle with boots & wellies but I see these have a little elastic adjuster 🙂

    • fashion-mommy

      These adjusters are a godsend – I have the calf problem too – anyone who did sport in their youth, or does it now has that problem it seems, no matter how toned, so yes, the adjuster is a great idea.

    • fashion-mommy

      They do have some stores around the country, and their online service is pretty good too. They have more designs online too.x

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