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Westin Gourmet – restaurant quality meat in your own home

Whether you are buying meat for a barbecue, special occasion, Sunday lunch or a tasty fry up, I would well recommend you take a look at Westin Gourmet. Delivering a high quality, varied choice in meat and poultry products, you can buy meat online at Westin Gourmet for prices that prove to be cheaper than your local supermarket.


So who exactly is Westin Gourmet? The brand has actually been a preferred supplier of top quality meat products to top London restaurants for 28 years including Pierre Victoire and Savoir Faire. In 2010, the brand decided to branch out so that they could offer this same great quality produce for customers to consume in their own homes, making every night a treat night in terms of cuisine.  They launched their website which has combined Best British meat products with quality produce from around the world. This year, Westin Gourmet, which is a member of the Guild of Fine Food, has been awarded 4 stars for products at the Great Taste Awards, including two stars for it’s Maple Cured Bacon. Westin Gourmet is a name that is just synonymous with delicious quality meat products.


What I love about the site is the sheer choice. As well as the traditional meat joints, there are a good selection of cuts of steak, chicken products that range from diced to whole chickens and British Gourmet steak burgers. But if you fancy something a little more unusual, how about an Ostrich steak kebab? Or Wild Venison Haunch Steaks? There is also a range of Veal products – sometimes a controversial choice, but it is a delicious meat.


The site also has a delicious deli section, a seafood section (check out those huge tiger prawns) and a hamper section, which is well worth bookmarking with Christmas on its way. Add in a wealth of recipe ideas for utilising all those wonderful products and it makes Westin Gourmet an unmissable source of delicious food at your fingertips.


Have you ever tried Westin Gourmet?

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