What is the Primary School Curriculum?

In the UK, there is a statutory primary natural curriculum in place which includes agendas of study and various attainment targets. This curriculum must be taught in all state schools across England and is issued by law. The aim of this curriculum is to provide a consistency throughout the country so that all children learn and develop at the same rate, no matter which town or city they come from.

In private schools, such as Orchard House School, the curriculum is a little different. However, no matter what subjects are taught and the ways in which the teachers plan their lessons, the end goal in both public and private schools is to give every single child the best chance of fulfilling their abilities. 

According to the national curriculum, compulsory subjects at primary school level are as listed below. However, they may have a different name at your child’s school.

  • English, Maths & Science
  • History & Geography
  • Art & Design
  • Music
  • Physical Education (including swimming)
  • Religious Education
  • Computing
  • Modern Foreign Languages

At the end of each Key Stage, children are required to take several tests to check their progress. The results will be sent to parents so that you can understand which areas require additional support. However, children are typically assessed throughout the academic year, not just during their tests. This helps teachers tailor their lesson plans to help the children as best they can.

Teachers are keen to involve parents in their child’s education, so if you have any questions about their curriculum don’t be afraid to ask. The more you understand what your child is learning about in school, the easier it will be for you to help explore similar topics at home. After all, you want to make their most of your child’s education so that they can achieve success. 

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