What Parents Should Know About the Dangers of Distracted Driving

Texting while driving increases your chances of a car crash by almost 23 times. Take time to compare this consequence to the convenience of just 5 seconds of being on your phone while driving.

Distracted driving through cell phone use has taken a lot of lives over the years, especially now that technology has paved way for more “convenient” devices, such as GPS trackers and infotainment dashboards. Sure, these are hands-free technology, but they don’t take away the fact that they are forms of visual and auditory distractions.

Being parents, we can’t risk the safety of our children just to spend a few seconds to use our phones while driving. Know the numbers related to distracted driving through this useful infographic. Hopefully, this will help you break the habit of texting while driving so we can keep road trips a fun and safe experience for our family.  

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