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What To Consider When Creating A Guest Bedroom In Your Loft Conversion

As it becomes harder and harder to move house, people look for more practical and ingenious ways to create more space in the home they already have. One such way to release more rooms in your home, particularly as your family grows, is by opting for a loft conversion. Loft conversions allow you to add new rooms to your home by converting and extending the loft space you already have to create a space that can be used as a bedroom, a study, or even an extra bathroom. 

A loft conversion can transform your home and can also add significantly to its market value if you later decide to sell. If you are thinking of having a loft conversion, for instance, to add an extra guest bedroom to your property, there are some things you need to consider so you get the best possible service and finished package.

  • Use a reputable company who offer a bespoke service

Only you know what you want for your home, and each house is different. Therefore, it makes sense to hire a reputable company to carry out your job, one that offers a bespoke service so you can add all those finishing touches that will make your loft space perfect. A company like Simply Loft, who are London & the West Midlands’ Leading Loft Conversion Specialist, will be able to create the space you are looking for, and make sure your job is project managed from start to finish, taking away any stress or pressure having building work in your home can bring.

  • Think about your space

It would be amazing to create an enormous new floor to your home, you have to be realistic as to what space your loft conversion will bring to your home, so make sure you discuss this with the company you employ. Think about what you want the room to hold – a single bed? A double bed? Wardrobe space? Storage space? A good reputable company will be able to show you what the new room will be able to house comfortably and stylishly. They may also have tips about the layout of your room showing you how to make the very best of the space you have, and information about clever storage solutions that can be hidden away to give you illusions of even more space.

  • Think about natural light

Your new room in the eaves of your house will require some sort of window arrangement in order to ensure as much natural light to the property as possible. Lofts can be fitted with simple loft windows or skylights, or you can add a Dormer window which can be a very attractive feature that look as good from the outside as they do from the inside.

Loft conversion skylights do look very modern and attractive and are a popular choice, but if you do go for this, you may also need to think about investing in blackout blinds in order to avoid your guests being woken by the very early morning sun.

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