What To Do If Your Child Doesn’t Enjoy School

We all have our days where we don’t want to do something, but when it comes to our children it’s important to take it seriously. When your child doesn’t want to attend school, or is starting to hate going, that’s when you need to take action. 

From this independent school in Surrey, we take a look at ways to help if your child isn’t enjoying their time at school.

Ask them what they dislike about school

There could be something underlying that your child’s not willing to admit to you straight away. It’s worth having regular conversations with your child to make sure they’re okay and handling work well in class, and more so when you see a reserved, low mood from your child.

Common problems include potential bullying, a difficult test coming up in class, a certain subject they’re not enjoying as much as the others, or they’ve had an argument with a close friend. This doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be other issues – it’s important to try and monitor your child and see what could really be happening.

Speak with your child’s teachers

They will be able to discuss with you clearly to identify any issues your child is having in the classroom. If so, then you can work with them to help bring them back to school in a positive light by making appropriate changes.

Your child’s teachers see them the most throughout the week and will be able to pick up on where your child needs support.

Making a decision

Of course it ultimately comes down to whether you will give them a day off if they start to refuse going to school or begin using a tough love approach. Eventually your child will have to go back to school, so curbing the problems they’re facing early on is key.

Your child may just need a day off to recharge, or even just a little encouragement will convince them that school is where they need to be. The more your child learns to grow and adapt is within school – showing them that will motivate them to return to school with a positive attitude.

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