What To Do With A Bridal Bump

A lot of the time, weddings are planned far in advance, and sometimes some little (or big) surprises can happen along the way! If you get pregnant in the run up to your wedding and will be boasting that bump on your big day, there is no need to panic. Instead of having a meltdown and cancelling the entire wedding, you just need to alter some aspects of your big day and you will be all set to go. After all, that pregnancy glow is only going to make you look better on the biggest day of your life! We’ve teamed up with Alterations Boutique, experts in wedding dress alterations, to give you some helpful tips for a pregnant bride. 

Tips For A Pregnant Bride

Wedding Dress

If you haven’t already bought your wedding dress when you find out you’re expecting, you definitely need to take your bump into consideration when choosing your perfect gown. Obviously, you’ll typically purchase your dress quite a while before the big day, which means your bump will be a lot smaller than it will be by the time your wedding comes around. The best way to plan for this is to order your dress in a larger size. Closer to the wedding you will be having your wedding dress alterations completed with a more accurate sized bump to what you will expect on your wedding day. Your seamstress will be able to tailor your dress perfectly for you, allowing enough room for you to feel comfortable when the day comes.

When it comes to actually choosing the dress, try and opt for something that isn’t too tight and uncomfortable for you to move around in. Ball gowns and empire waist wedding dresses are great for showing off your bump elegantly while allowing you to move around comfortably. It also gives you some room for growth, so if your bump suddenly gets bigger than you expect, there won’t be any last minute panic. 

Choose The Right Shoes

Weddings are long, and when you are pregnant being on your feet all day can be a lot. The shoes you choose to wear are so important to making sure you can get through the day without swollen ankles and aching feet. There is no need to feel the pressure to wear heels on your big day, just wear whatever you feel suits your personality and will give you the opportunity to get through your entire wedding day and truly enjoy yourself. Trainers, sandals, flip flops, anything that you feel is the perfect style for you while still providing the comfort. You can even have these jazzed up and create a personalised pair of shoes that will remind you of your wedding day forever.

If you find yourself pregnant for your wedding day, there is no need to panic! Just follow our tips for creating the perfect outfit where you will look beautiful and be comfortable for the long and fun day you have ahead of you.

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