What to Expect from a Career in Public Administration

Administrators are the unsung heroes in many areas of the public and non-profit sector. Administrators make sure everything runs efficiently and on time. If you have a high level of organizational ability and you love it when things go to plan, a career as a public administrator could be your dream job. So, what can you expect if you sign up for a Norwich University MPA?

Most Norwich University students elect to study for a degree in public administration because they want to make a difference. Public administrators work in a range of different sectors, including government departments, for non-profits, and in education. It can be a challenging position, particularly if you are working under pressure in underdeveloped countries, but it is ultimately rewarding. If you are highly organized with great attention to detail and an unflappable nature, public administration is an excellent career choice.

Different Job Roles

You may end up dealing with the administration inside a maximum-security penitentiary or administering healthcare to children in a third-world country. Your political leanings don’t matter in this job. It’s your job to remain neutral. You might not be the person conducting press conferences or enjoying a high profile in the media, but your role is vital nonetheless.

Administrators take care of the day-to-day running of an organization. Thanks to them, everything works. You will be the mediator between employees and managers. If an employee has a problem, they are likely to come to you first. As you progress up the career ladder within your organization, you may end up acting as a consultant and being paid accordingly.

Many public administrators with a master’s degree gravitate towards government departments such as education, homeland security, and healthcare. You could end up working at state or city level, or you might work for a federal department.

Where do you envisage your public administrator career taking you? It really depends on your personality and your ambition. Some public administrators are happy working for the city or small non-profit organizations, but if you have a yearning to work your way up the career ladder and end up with a paycheck to match, there is plenty of scope for promotion.

Qualifications and Earnings

To be a public administrator, you will need a bachelor or master’s degree in public administration from a reputable university. It’s possible to study for a master’s degree online these days, so if you are currently working in a different field, you can still make a sideways leap into public administration by signing up for a master’s degree via an online university such as Norwich University.

Candidates with a master’s degree earn, on average, around $18k per annum more than applicants with a bachelor’s degree, so the extra qualification is well worth pursuing. Once you are qualified with a master’s degree, you can expect to earn around $70k per year.

Other Career Avenues

Candidates with a qualification in public administration often go into human resources and other administrative positions.

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