What to Wear at a Funeral: Fashion Tips & Advice

Funerals are an unavoidable aspect of life that come with a lot of grief, sadness and headache. Whether it’s your loved one’s funeral or someone you know, they are sombre affairs with a dress code.

At most funerals, it is expected to choose an outfit that will pay respect to the deceased and their family by selecting clothes that communicate sadness and grief. Although there are some exceptions to this. Some people outline a specific dress code, but this article is for those of you where a specific dress code has not been given. It will hopefully give you some advice and an idea of what to wear to a funeral.


Traditionally, funerals expect the attire to be dark colours. Anything ranging from grey, navy, dark green and black is a great choice of outfit colour.

It is best to choose single coloured items of clothing, as wearing anything with multiple colour combinations may appear bold and make you stand out which is categorically what you want to avoid for funerals.

Hair & Make Up

Similarly, to what selecting an outfit colour, it is best to opt for simple and minimal hair and make-up looks. Choosing a bold hair and make-up look could result in seeming disrespectful to the family.

If you are looking for some inspiration on some make-up specifics, YouTube is a great resource.

Religious Customs

Funeral attire can be entirely dependent on the faith or belief of the deceased and their family. If you are unsure about the traditional outfits for each religion and faith as well as the individual specifics of the ceremony, it is best to consult a guide which will detail each of these aspects for you.

General Tips

  1. Don’t dress too casually, jeans and a t-shirt are not appropriate for this occasion. Although you want to be dressed somewhat formally, make sure to follow the colour advice previously discussed in order to be dressed appropriately.
  2. If you decide to wear a dress, it is best to choose a conservative one. Anything that is too flashy may give the wrong impression and be more appropriate for a night out than a funeral.

If you are still extremely unsure, you can contact the local funeral director to enquire about the occasion by using a directory service such as LocalFuneral.

Hopefully these tips have given you some advice and inspiration on what to wear at a funeral.