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What to wear for a Winter wedding?

Being a Winter wedding guest is fraught with problems, the main being what to wear? In Summertime it is easy to opt for pretty florals with wraps and pashminas to add a little coverage if the weather is not so great. Maxi dresses are another fab option that are always an elegant choice. And it seems every colour, with the exception of white, is an option, with the shops being awash with colour in the brightest of seasons.

But come Winter, the choice of what to wear for a Winter Wedding is not so simple. The weather of course is cooler, meaning that a coat may have to be worn over your outfit of choice. Colours in the stores are often more muted, not necessarily perfect for an occasion such as a wedding, and fabrics need to be thicker or sleeves longer, to add warmth to any outfit you choose, especially if the wedding takes place in an old and draughty church. And, let’s be honest, stretchy fabrics are also a great idea when we are comfort eating from the buffet ready to hibernate for the winter. (That final one may just be me….?)

Gray &Osbourn have basically tackled all these concerns and have produced a great collection of Winter wedding looks that tackle every eventuality, including my buffet overload. Classic, elegant and ultra stylish, these are looks that can take you to every wedding, from the freezing church to the beautiful stately home. Which would you choose?

Frank Lyman Flocked Velvet Dress £159.20 click to visit Gray&Osbourn

This red velvet dress by Frank Lyman is the perfect choice for a Christmas Wedding. The velvet is a gorgeous opulent fabric that will also feel warm, whilst the faux wrap detail is ultra-flattering.

Gina Bacconi Graphic Print Dress £119.20 click to visit Gray&Osbourn

The gorgeous Gina Bacconi graphic print dress is a great example of a print that looks great in winter as an alternative to Summer florals. This dress also has the bonus of being in one of A/W 2012 hot shades – purple.

Gold Bandage Dress £199.00 click to visit Gray&Osbourn

This bandage dress is very Herve Leger in style, but with long sleeves and stretchy fabric, it makes the perfect dress for a winter wedding. Add gold accessories for that extra glamorous touch.

Bernshaw Velvet Insert Asymmetric Dress £299.00 click to visit Gray&Osbourn

Another example of a beautiful dress that will look great in both the day ceremony and evening reception of a wedding. The deceptively simple shape is transformed by those beautiful velvet panels which make this a really lovely wedding guest option.

Kate Cooper Lace Dress £199.00 click to visit Gray&Osbourn

This Kate Cooper lace dress seems to have been inspired by another ‘Kate’, one who loves blue and lace. In this dress you will look quite the Duchess yourself, I particularly love the elegant puffed sleeve detail on this dress.

Vera Mont Sequin Trim Chiffon Dress £119.20 click to visit Gray&Osbourn

And last, but by no means least, the Vera Mount sequin dress looks to have been influenced by glamorous gowns of the 1960s. The sequin trim is eye-catching, but will certainly brighten up those cold winter days when the grey never turns to blue.


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