What to wear on a night out in a casino

A night at a casino is always a glamorous affair. There is just something about the mixture of money, gambling and champagne that gives it that glorious, decadent edge – just think of Daniel Craig and Eva Green smouldering in Casino Royale. But although the lockdown may have closed the casinos at the moment, the availability of online gaming and gambling means that you can enjoy a virtual night at the casino and really go to town on your look.

If you use real money slots nz you can find a whole host of your favourite casino games that you will be able to enjoy virtually, maybe winning a little money and having a whole lot of fun into the bargain. You could use zoom to host your own casino get together with your friends, and maybe decide on a casino theme and dress accordingly.

Sex and the City ladies in Atlantic City

When you are deciding what to wear for a night out in a casino there are a number of iconic looks you can tap into for your inspiration.  For instance, there is the ultimate glamour of Casino Royale, or the fabulous 1960’s look of Sharon Stone in Casino. For  a more fun look think about the Sex and the City ladies who made a trip to Atlantic City, with Charlotte totally buying into the tackiness of the slot machines and roulette.

You could also base your dress code on the location of your very own virtual casino, and take your cues from there. In Las Vegas the dress code is, for the most part is very liberal, however some Vegas casinos are a little more upmarket than others. If you intend playing at the top tables in the Bellagio then the stated dress code is “upscale fashionable attire”. However in most of them you can wear anything you like as long as it isn’t beachwear. A word of warning about wearing too little, remember that you are on zoom, and the lockdown has shown that a wardrobe malfunction whilst live can happen to just about anyone…

Sharon Stone in Casino – so glam.

If your theme is a British or European casino night, then you can get away with so much glamour. for the large majority of European Casinos the dress code is smart casual, and it is strictly enforced. You won’t get away with anything that doesn’t conform to a reasonably tasteful standard, so this is the perfect time to make your man all James Bond and find an excuse to wear that dinner jacket once again.  European casinos don’t condone shorts or short trousers, trainers or sandals, track suits or sports shirts, T-shirts, any items with text or pictures especially if the text is at all inflammatory, baggy jeans (though smart jeans might be considered acceptable), and hooded shirts or tops.

Kate Bosworth 21

For women the more glamorous end of smart casual is ideal, or you could opt for that classic little black dress look and take on the role of the croupier. But the truth is,  if you stick to an online casino, you can wear anything you like!

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