What Will Happen At A Child Playdate?

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A playdate is good for children and parents to get to know one another, and is a worthy social experience to get children communicating in their unique ways. The environment should be safe, and open, as well as friendly and a fun learning opportunity for everyone.

To learn about what often happens at a playdate and how to prepare, here are some elements that usually occur.

Plenty of games

Depending on how old your child is there will be a lot more games to play and try out together. This is where a good friendship can form with new people and even among parents. If it works out well for your child then more games and activities can be arranged with the same group of friends.

A short time frame

If your child is still a toddler then they won’t be able to stay still for too long. An hour is a good figure to stay at if your child is very young, and when they get a lot older they can play with other friends for longer periods of time. It is important to stick to these time frames however, leaving your child wanting more is a good tactic to keep in mind instead of prolonging their stay and making them tired.

Lots of time for conversation

You will have to keep yourself on your toes for quite a while, keeping your eye on at least two children can feel tricky but it’s a good time to talk to their parents as well. You are here to make friends yourself, as well as socialising with your child. Take this opportunity to share thoughts, think of new ways to help your child, and general conversations about parenthood.

Saying goodbye

When it is time to go, give your child a 10 minute warning so that they are aware that they will be leaving soon and will have to say their goodbyes. Keeping things short and sweet will help get them excited about when they see their new friend again, and it also relieves you of your duties for a little while. This Nursery in Battersea recommends doing this so that, if they already go to the same nursery school, they can pick up where they left off and develop a good friendship.


So when you are planning your first playdate with a child in the local area, or you are invited to bring your child around to a friend’s home, you will know the usual run of events and what to prepare your child for.

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