What’s In Store Now: Sainsbury’s Tu Range

Walking around the fashion sections of shops, and taking a trip down the High Street, it is clear that we are definitely in an ‘in-between’ moment in time when it comes to style. Not quite out of Winter, not quite ready for Spring, the collections are most definitely transitionary to say the least. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some really lovely things out there

I popped to Sainsbury’s last week, as TU clothing is by far my favourite supermarket fashion brand, where I always find something that I like. TU had some great new pieces in, with some nodding towards Spring in terms of colour and prints. There was a decidedly focused look at daywear and casual pieces, rather than more dressed up elements, but this is always the case in January, when the only sparkle you tend to see is in the sales section (Christmas seems such a long time ago, doesn’t it.). But there were some definite highlights, including a gorgeous pink jersey print dress that is super pretty, but has an easy, throw on style, and also funky t-shirts with star prints and animal prints combined – these just need skinny jeans and a spiky heeled boot for a really cool look.

Being Winter, there are also lots of lovely, cosy elements for those days when hibernation until April feels like the best policy. I am in love with the cowl styled blue lounge top – it looks like a hoodie, but without the hood. This was just in the softest of fabrics (it’s times like this when I wish you could add a touch feature to photographs as it really is so lovely and cosy). Again this would be great teamed with jeans or joggers, although a denim skirt could also work well.

Other standouts are the zesty coloured scarves with an emphasis on orange, great for lifting neutral coloured coats, the cute duck print boots which would be lovely if you enjoy walking in the great outdoors, whatever the weather, and the cord effect rucksack which not only looks great, but would hold pretty much all that crap you insist on carrying everywhere.



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