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What’s on Your Feet?

You can tell a lot about a man by the shoes he wears. Does he wear stylish, elegant shoes that match his refined appearance? Or does he wear uncouth, chunky dress shoes from the sale rack? Are they polished and fresh, or scuffed, creased, and worn out? Now, we can’t all have personal cobblers and shoeshines following us around, this isn’t Downton Abbey after all, but there are steps you can take to ensure that your shoes are well-loved and taken care of to preserve them for the long haul. You also don’t need to break the bank on an ever-changing closet full of shoes. It’s better to build a small, reliable collection of shoes that can last for years and be versatile enough to fit any occasion. You want your shoes to inspire confidence so that you can walk into a room with a little pep in your step.

Chukka Boots

These ankle-length boots are some of the most versatile ones you can buy. They come in leather or suede and match perfectly with almost any outfit. Whether you’re wearing jeans, chinos, or cargos, Chukka boots add confident class to any outfit. Clarks Desert Boots are an extremely popular, affordable option. Add a couple pairs of these to your shoe rack and they’ll quickly become a favorite.


Chelsea Boots

Another ankle boot, Chelsea boots feature elastic siding along the ankle with no shoelaces. They’re easy to slip on, and their durable rubber sole will keep them in good shape for the long haul. They look great with khakis or cargos and an Oxford shirt, or you can rock them with a slim-fitting suit for a vintage Beatles look.


ShoppingCowboy Boots

Cowboys are the image of American masculinity, so don’t be afraid to exude that confidence whether you’re an urbanite or a country dweller. The ladies will take notice. A high-quality pair of cowboy boots will last you for years, and they’re the perfect shoes to wear to a concert or out to a bar. They’ll make you stand taller, literally adding a couple inches, and give you that John Wayne swagger when you enter a room.

Oxford Shoes

These shoes are perfect to match with a slim-fitting pair of chinos, especially if you want to show some ankle. They’re formal enough to wear to the office, and casual enough to wear for a night out on the town. They usually come in black or brown leather, but there are more colorful pairs out there and some of them feature intricate toe cap patterns. Definitely a worthwhile investment for a quality, versatile shoe.


Handle with Care

When looking for dress shoes, make sure the shape matches the contour of your suit. You don’t want clunky, square-toed shoes in this era of skinny ties and slim fits. To keep your leather shoes in good condition, you should invest in a good shoe polishing kit. The kit should include tins of Kiwi black polish and neutral polish, a quality, wood-handled, horsehair brush for polishing, and a soft chamois cloth to buff your shoes. You don’t need to polish your shoes every day, but doing a little maintenance every couple weeks or months is not a bad idea, especially if you wear certain pairs frequently.


Let us not forget the importance of fancy socks when it comes to footwear. You probably own a healthy collection of black and gray dress socks already, but consider adding a little rel=”nofollow”flair to your sock drawer. Colorful socks can be that little cherry on top of your dapper outfit.  Find the socks that fit your personality and style, whether that’s polka dots, colorful stripes, or bold patterns. When you stretch your legs or show some ankle, a fun sock can make people take notice and appreciate that glimpse of your personality. It might just be the outfit piece that seals the deal or makes that big sale.


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