When To Wear A Graphic Tee

There are a lot of different tops out there, from blouses, to tank tops, to tunics. However, one type of clothing that a lot of women swear by is the simple graphic tee. Graphic tees can be worn in many ways and situations, although at the same time, there may be situations where wearing a graphic tee would not be appropriate. To help you avoid a social snafu, we are here to help you figure out when to wear graphic tees and when to not.

When to Wear a Graphic Tee

In the comfort of your own home

When you are in the comfort of your own home, you can wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable and secure. Graphic tees tend to be one of the best types of clothes to relax in, so they are perfect for when you are just staying home all day. They’re also great for sleepwear if you like to sleep with a top on.

When you’re going someplace fun and casual

While there may be situations out and about where wearing a graphic tee is not the best idea, that does not mean that there aren’t plenty that encourage it. In fact, going out and about is one of the best ways to show off the cool graphics on your tees. After all, if you are only wear your graphic tees inside the house, you won’t find anyone who can actually appreciate the humor of your shirt. Even one person who recognizes the graphics on your shirt will be enough to boost your mood.

Graphic tees are also good for wearing when the weather starts to get warmer. The best part is that you can dress up and dress down around your graphic tee as the weather demands. The weather starts to get colder? Throw on a light jacket. The weather gets warmer? Well, take it off! You can also get graphic tees that are thicker or thinner, meaning that some tees will be a better fit depending on the weather.

When to not wear a graphic tee

When doing a job interview

A job interview is one of the most important things most people deal with, simply because such an interview will make the difference between getting an income and needing to send your resume to other potential employers. No matter how good a fit you are for most job interviews, if you come in wearing a graphic tee and a pair of jeans, the odds are your interviewer will not be very impressed with your outfit. The reason for this is that interviewers are checking for multiple qualities. Not just your work ethic, skills, and experience, but also your ability to follow instructions. If you come in wearing a casual outfit for a business that expects something more professional, they may get the impression that you will not take your job seriously if they decide to hire you.

However, while graphic tees may not be the best fit for most job interviews, that is not a universal rule for all of them. Some jobs would in fact want you to wear this kind of thing, simply because that’s the environment that the job calls for. Be careful when you look into a certain job, and know exactly how you should dress for your interview, whether that involves wearing graphic tees or not.

When visiting a fancy restaurant

Depending on the kind of restaurant you visit, wearing a graphic tee could range from “it’s frowned upon” to “you won’t even be able to get into the restaurant.” If you’re going to a nice restaurant, you should ensure that you do not wear any of your favorite graphic tees. No one is going to appreciate the graphics, so there isn’t even any point in doing so. In many nice restaurants, you should not have to worry about dressing up too nicely, but you should at least consider a nice dress, a nice button-up, or other classy outfits you may have.

At an important event

Whether it is a graduation, a funeral, a wedding, or what have you, wearing a graphic tee will likely be seen as rude, as if you could not bother to get dressed up for such an important event. Be sure to wear the appropriate outfit for what the host expects.

How to make my graphic tees look more fashionable

While graphic tees are not the height of fashion by any stretch of the imagination, that does not mean that they cannot be worn in such a way that they look stylish. For example, wearing a graphic tee with a jean jacket always looks good, no matter what graphic is on the tee. You can also wear a blazer with a neutral color and a bold skirt, ensuring that your outfit is balanced in how eye-catching it is.

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