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Where there’s a will…

It’s not the most exciting of subjects to talk about in a blog post, it certainly isn’t the most pleasant. But if you own property, or if you have children, you should most certainly have made a will. The one certainty will all have in life is that we will die (unless you’re Keith Richards of course, he seems to have more lives than a cat!), and not having a will means that we can leave our loved ones in limbo. To put it simply, you need to think about what will happen to your home and worldly possessions when you are no longer around to enjoy them.

We made our wills when Joe was a few months old. Before then, it hadn’t seemed all that important, but having the responsibility of a child in our lives changed that. It was a simple and painless process and tied up all the loose ends.

Who you leave your worldly goods to is, of course, totally up to you. It could be to family or friends, a charity, or even your pet. The Law House wills and probate lawyer are experts in the field of wills and probate and have recently put together a fun infographic that explains Wills in Numbers. It looks specifically at those animals who have become very rich indeed thanks to the generosity of their doting owners. The most fascinating (and richest) example is Gunther the forth, who actually inherited a fortune from his own father (another dog obviously) Gunther the Third. I was surprised to know a dog could inherit a fortune from another dog – especially one worth £90million, especially as I’m thinking Gunther the third can’t possibly have left a will???

Although the infographic shows some people are barking when it comes to their fortunes, ultimately it is your choice who you leave everything too…unless of course, you forget to make a will. Rather than putting this off for another day, now is always a good time to get your things in order.



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