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Who wears what to play bingo?

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Bingo is a game that has traditionally been popular with older people and the stereotypical image of bingo used to be of groups of old ladies with blue rinses and big handbags down at the local bingo hall. But since the game went online people of all ages have started to play bingo – whether it’s for five minutes while they’re waiting for a bus or for a whole evening.

In fact, the popularity of sites like Costa Bingo means that there’s also been a revived interest in going to bingo halls. Some people who enjoy the online game will stop off and play a few games on the way back from work, while others meet up at a bingo hall before heading off for a night out.

So what should you wear when playing bingo? Well, the good news is that there isn’t a set dress code for bingo – and this is certainly the case when you play online. Unless you’re out and about in public playing bingo on your mobile, you can wear pretty much anything to play online bingo. If we had a fly on the wall camera in people’s homes, it’s probable that many at home bingo players are sitting in their PJs and dressing gowns – you can play at any time of the night or day, after all.

Bingo’s fun whatever you’re wearing – and bingo is more fun when it’s free, check out Costa Bingo where there are free games to join around the clock, with jackpots of up to £50. Some go further than that – the Costa Crazy game on a Friday night has a guaranteed jackpot of £10,000 to play for.

The great thing about playing bingo is the fact that you never know when you might win – and every game you play has the potential to win you big money, especially if you choose the progressive jackpot games at the online sites. The more people that play, the higher the jackpot will go. You could be the lucky winner the first time you play, or it may never happen to you, but it’s that random nature of the game that draws so many people to play.

If you’re playing bingo in a bingo hall, you still don’t need to put too much thought into what you’re wearing. You’ll see all sorts in the bingo hall – execs in their suits who’ve popped in for a few games on the way back from work, people dressed up in fancy dress because they’re on a stag or hen night, and groups of people dressed ready to hit the bars but who’ve come for a few rounds of bingo to start the night off.

Bingo has always been a game that is all-embracing to anyone who wants to play – what you’re wearing won’t be an issue, especially if you play online!

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  • fashmr paul

    I cant think of bingo and not think of my old ma, and how she used to drag me to the local Catholic club for her to play bingo in the 1960’s. The air used to be thick, gray and hazy with ciggy smoke, and you had to sit absolutely still whilst a game was on – If you made a noise a dozen or so old dears would shout at you.
    a line would probably yield 10 bob, and a full house was more than likely a fiver – big money in them days

    • fashion-mommy

      I know, my nan and grandad were huge fanatics, but now it is definitely something young people seem to enjoy, and those smokey bingo halls are a thing of the past.

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