Why Autumn Is A Good Time For A Getaway

A holiday at any time of year is something to enjoy and look forward to, but an Autumn break, especially after 18 months of lockdown is something to be savoured. Autumn is traditionally quieter than Summer, but this Autumn, with restrictions lifting for many places, and with the double jabbed no longer needing PCR tests, promises to be busy. And why not? For many destinations, Autumn is still wonderfully warm, the beaches and hotels are open, and the idea of a holiday is just the tonic needed.

If you are taking a holiday, there are still things you need to do and be aware of. Taking a holiday is not just a matter of turning up at the airport and hoping for the best, you need to plan carefully, particularly when you are traveling out of season. More interesting travel tips can be found in the article source.

Getting to the airport

Your holiday should start from the minute you leave your home, but if you choose to drive, you then have to pay for parking (often a real expense) and then often still need to get a shuttle from the carpark to the airport. One way you can avoid this is by opting for transport to the airport .This could be in the form of a train, which offers flexible ticket options that will be useful if you suffer any delays, and can also allow you to take first class and arrive in style. Another option which allows you to avoid doing the driving is a family sized mini bus with driver, great if you are traveling in a larger family group.

Choose Your Resort Carefully

When you holiday in Autumn, particularly in later Autumn, you need to make sure that your resort is still open. A case in point is that I once went to a resort in Majorca in late October. The holiday went into November and as soon as November hit we noticed shops and restaurants were being closed up for the Winter, by the end of the holiday it was almost like a ghost town.

If you want a livelier Autumn break then look to places like the Canary islands which have year round sunshine, or places like Benidorm which never really close. Avoid resorts in Menorca where the Autumn climate is windy and temperatures drop. If in doubt, do a bit of research beforehand.

Don’t Forget Your Insurance

I still find it staggering how many people take the risk of traveling abroad with no kind of holiday insurance. An accident of any kind or loss of luggage or a theft or mugging could happen to anyone, yet we risk it for the sake of saving a few pounds. Even more astonishing is that so many people do not get the EHIC free health insurance card that can provide free or low cost healthcare for European Citizens. This includes help with pre-existing conditions or maternity care.

Weigh Your Case

Weight restrictions on our suitcases are quite clearly  indicated on your travel documents but some people think traveling at a quieter time of year may see airlines being more lenient and not charging for excess baggage.

This is clearly not the case and can lead to unnecessary upset and cost at the start or end of your holiday. Invest in a set of suitcase scales and avoid this.



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