Why Do Pocket Watches Have Fobs?

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The first pocket watch was invented in 1510 in Germany by a clockmaker called Peter Henlein, and he managed to shrink the pocket watch size due to the advancement in mainspring designs. The modern image of pocket watches we have today is of a circular pocket watch without a strap, kept in a pocket with a chain or fob. However, this was not always the case. If you ever wondered why this style came about, below are some of the reasons why the pocket watch & fob became popular.  

Watches Were Expensive

In the days of far less technology than what we have today, a pocket watch was state-of-the-art technology which made them highly desirable and valuable. In the first few hundred years of their history, pocket watches were something that only the rich could afford, with the majority of the population not being able to afford the expense of a pocket watch. However, as the technology improved, it also became more mainstream, with more people being able to afford a timepiece that they can wear, rather than relying on a stationary clock.

A Symbol Of Status

Some of the vintage pocket watches collectors want do not have to have a fob, but if you are planning on wearing the pocket watch, a fob and chain are essential. The first pocket watches did not have a chain at all. As fashions changed and more people had the money to purchase pocket watches, people wanted to show them off so everybody knew that they could afford a pocket watch, so it was a symbol of status. Another reason why they added a chain and fob to the pocket watch was as a security measure, as it made it harder for someone to take your pocket watch or for you to drop it without noticing. If you had the money to invest in a quality pocket watch, you also wanted to ensure it had a chain and fob, so you can show it off but also keep it secure.

A Design Still Made Today

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Many people wear watches on their wrists in modern times, but there are still makers of pocket watches so that you can buy a new one today. There are also plenty of antique and vintage pocket watches available to buy as they were made to such a high standard and lasted the test of time. If you think a pocket watch would be the perfect finishing touch to your designer suit, you can look to buy a new one, or you can also consider purchasing an antique pocket watch packed full of character and history. The basic design has not changed a lot in the last 500 years, although the materials used have improved immensely, and so has the accuracy of the timepieces made today.  

Whether you want to buy a pocket watch to add to your collection or to wear for a specific occasion, plenty of new and old designs are available to buy. Head down to your local jewellery or antique store and see what they have available, and you can purchase yourself a quality timepiece that makes you look suave and sophisticated.

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