Why even Kate Moss couldn´t make a Hen Party Stylish!

British supermodel Kate Moss

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I have mused before about whether it could be possible to have a truly stylish, non cheesy hen night. One that didn´t involve deeley boppers, feather boas, slogan t-shirts, sashes or any other paraphernalia associated with that most girlie of celebrations.

Last weekend, my ultimate style icon took a group of her female friends to the cool confines of the Isle of Wight music festival, to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. Kate Moss, the ultimate fashionista, a legendary fashion icon, friend of Alexander McQueen and the women with the most deeply coveted wardrobe in the world, celebrated with her friends a weekend of pure girlie abandon before her July 2nd wedding to Jamie Hince.

With a group of cool female friends, from Meg Mathews to Katy Grand, from Alison Mossheart to actress Samantha Morton, this was a cutting edge fashion group. So this was sure to be a supremely stylish weekend non? Was it eck as like…

We´ve had reports of bright pink t-shirts emblazoned with Kate´s hen do, and other outfits consisting of pink. Kate and the girls (Daphne Guinness included) wearing meringue style monstrosities designed by the dress-maker Thelma Madine, who creates many of the dresses worn by travelling brides in the hit show ´My big fat gypsy wedding´. Kate´s theme was reportedly ´My big fat gypsy hen night.´

The girls apparently got through magnums of champagne and Grey Goose vodka, partying in a VIP backstage area. It was all very rock n roll…if you ignore the lashings of pink and bad taste dresses.

I love that Kate has finally proved what I have always suspected..Hen nights can be tacky, flashy, pretty and witty..but never, ever stylish. Now, I´ve got one coming up in July, where did I put that tiara and wand?



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