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Why Glass Components are Ideal for Any Interior Design

Designing an interior can take many forms, styles and functions. There are many materials that are popular for use in an interior design scheme. Glass is a traditional material and yet it keeps reinventing itself.

Creating glass structures in a design is all well and good until, that is, you come to fixings. You want a minimalist, sleek glass design and yet, as soon as you fix it in position, it looks clunky, the ugly fittings detracting from the minimalist design.

There are now popular solutions, minimalist glass clamps and components that make glass the ideal solution in any interior design scheme.

And here’s why;

Neutral Colour

Glass clamps and components etc. should be as minimal and non-interfering with the final appeal of the scheme a possible but without compromising on strength or sturdiness.

That is why components for use with glass tend to be neutral in colour – they complement the glass, rather than detract from it.

There are various styles and finishes, including matt ‘silver’ finish or a high gloss finish to choose from, and there are also new-to-the-market fixings that are constantly pushing the boundaries of minimal fixings suitable for glass.

Coloured or Stained Glass

Glass used in interior design schemes takes many forms and many colours in some cases too.  Stained glass windows are a delight, beautifully placed in any interior design scheme.

Or there is opaque glass, frosted glass, clear glass, glass with a tint of green… the list goes on. They all have their place in an interior design scheme.

But again, fixing them in position can be a nightmare, especially with chunky fixings. However, there are advances in glass clamps for example, that hold glass in place by applying gentle, but firm pressure over an area.

This applies a firm fixing that doesn’t damage the glass, perfect for dealing with a material that can be both robust and fragile.

Used in Many Applications

Increasingly, glass is being used in applications across the home and workplace that have traditionally been fulfilled by other materials.

The dividing wall, for example, is normally ‘solid’, constructed using either brick or breeze blocks or, in more modern times, partition walls are normally made from lighter weight materials, such as a wooden frame and plaster board.

Sometimes, there is a need for a barrier but not one that blocks light and vision. Hence, glass partition walls are being used. But their beauty is not just in their visual appeal but also in the fact that they can be moved, if needed.

Glass partitions are a common sight in many offices and workspaces but they are becoming more common in domestic spaces too. Known as hyper-minimalism, glass partition walls are used to zone off bedroom and other living spaces, with decadent voile panels used to add privacy as and when needed.

Again, this latest innovation would only be made possible because of the minimal, but strong glass clamps and fixings, as well as minimal hinges for glass doors and so on.

Make a Statement

Essentially, glass is used to make a statement in many interior design schemes, whether that is a modern stained glass window or a glass infill for staircases and balustrades for balconies.

But it should be the glass that makes the statement, and not the glass clamps or fixings. For example, frameless glass balustrades are only frameless because of a combination of laws of physics – cantilevered panels – and the correct fixings to hidden components and structures.

Or Don’t Make a Statement

Glass doesn’t have to be the star of the show. It is this versatility in design and application that make glass such a popular choice of material, irrespective of the interior design style.

Glass can be functional without the swagger, so to speak. Glass infills in balustrades can float in the space they occupy, drawing attention to themselves or they can be fixed into position, using a series of clamps and fixings that look just as stylish as the glass.

And this is what the modern choice of glass components give the designer – choice. Fixings and fixtures can be used as part of the design, incorporated to give a seamless position or it can be ‘hidden’, almost unnoticeable as it supports the glass in its position.

Glass is a material that is popular and affordable. It adds a sense of decadence to any interior design scheme, whether in the home or in the office. There is nothing stopping you from using glass in any space, bar your imagination.

Balustrade Components provide all kinds of glass clamps, fittings and components that allow glass to be used in just about any application, in any interior design scheme.

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