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Why I’m glad we invested in a caravan in Wales

It was just over 5 years ago that we decided to buy our static caravan that is now based on a beautiful site in Snowdonia, Mid Wales.  As much as we loved holidaying abroad, we wanted Joe to be able to experience the freedom and enjoyment of spending time in the great outdoors. Both myself and Pete had spent a lot of time in Wales as children, and  we wanted Joe to have that joy of experiencing the natural environment, the rivers, stream, mountains and valleys that make Wales so breathtaking.



The Camping and Caravanning Club have been looking at how we can get children away from their play stations, Nintendo’s, smart phones and technology, and give them the chance to be kids again, in the way that we did, before technology took over. As someone who tries to do this at least a couple of times a year, I can totally see the attraction of leaving the computer and mobile phones behind and enjoying some proper family time.



Our caravan is set deep within a valley. WiFi is non existent, and phone reception is minimal, but there are so many other things to be doing, whatever the weather. There is a gorgeous stream (freezing cold!) that runs at the back of our caravan that currently has a rope swing over it. The mountains are there for climbing, with a lake at the top and spectacular views across the valley. A large field is great for games of football, or rounders, and there are lots of barbecues and opportunities to eat ‘al fresco’, when the sun is shining. My dad loves to stoke up the BBQ and to even prepare meals outside, peeling potatoes with a pocket knife, it’s like being in a boys own adventure. (You can find a guide to pocket knives at Pocket Knife Reviews if you are planning on going all Jamie Oliver too.) There are also real opportunities to enjoy nature, with birds of prey regularly flying through the valley, pheasants wandering freely, even an odd sheep taking a stroll through the camp. If you still need to access wifi, maybe for work purposes, then it may be worth investing in a caravan wifi booster to give you better coverage.



If you want to explore, Wales is the perfect place, with market towns, the seaside and picturesque lakes all within a short drive. We spend sunshine days at Barmouth, enjoying the traditional Victorian seaside with fish and chips, ice creams and an eclectic range of shops to enjoy. Aberdovey is another favourite destination, with acres of white sand where Joe enjoys searching for shells and pebbles, or crabbing in the small pools.



When we use our caravan we rarely use the television during the day, and sleep soundly without the sound of cars and the city. We all need that break from civilisation sometimes, and I think time in a caravan is a perfect way to enjoy this.

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  • Helen Bunn

    I was an outdoor kid and I remember going to our local caravan park when I was little and it’s probably one of my favourite memories!

    It’s definitely still one of my favourite things to just get away from the everyday busyness of life!

  • Lubka Henry

    I have never been in a caravan, but I’m pretty sure it’s very cool. It gives you lots of independence and you can go so many different places by your terms.

  • Tracey

    Kids do spend far too much time with their electronic gadgets. Actually, adults do too, so to remove everyone from these temptations is a very healthy thing to do. The Welsh countryside looks stunning. The only thing that puts me off caravanning/camping in the UK is the weather – just look at it today, pouring with rain here in the South. Tx

  • My Life As A Mummy

    This sounds like absolute heaven! I would love to have a static caravan that we could just go and escape to. I think my ideal place would be Brean, just because we love it so much down there.

    laura x x x

  • emma

    Oh I used to have a caravan in Snowdonia. I loved it, it’s truly the best place to go and spend some chill time. I am not sure if I could cope without wifi these days though! The pictures are beautiful as well…Now I want to go back to wales 🙁 x

  • LaaLaa

    I think that’s good because you’re showing your son that you can enjoy the outdoors and have fun without relying on t.v. / tablets etc. I’ve never been in a caravan but can see why people do x

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