Why I’m Still Getting Dressed Every Single Day.

Almost two weeks into social distancing, and I’m still getting dressed every single day. And, by getting dressed, I don’t mean changing from my night pyjamas into my day pyjamas either. No, I am really getting dressed, I’m still putting a touch of make up on, I’m still wearing perfume, and I’m still washing (or dry shampooing) my hair.

Why, you may well be asking, especially as leaving the house is currently a luxury we don’t really have, certainly not the type of leaving that means we need to add a bit of slap to our faces.

The truth is, getting dressed each day makes me feel better, helps me to define day from evening, and makes me more productive. In my pjs, I’m likely to read books and binge watch box sets, or indulge in my fave Agatha Christie downloads from ITV 3, and you’ll probably find me gorging on vast amounts of chocolate and ice cream. This is the sort of behaviour I love in that period between Christmas and New Year, where you’ve totally lost track of the days due to spending your time in a food or gin coma.

But as much as this may feel similar, it’s really not. It’s Spring, and actually starting to feel Springlike, and there are still a million jobs to do, from cooking and cleaning, to home schooling and generally holding it together mentally. Getting out for that daily walk, if possible, breaks up the norm a little and allows for some much needed fresh air, and although they can do this in pjs or a onesie if you want to (I have seen people in their onesie’s in my local chippy in the past), it’s not something I would do, because it is something to dress up for. The same goes for all those new clothes you’ve been keeping ‘for best’ or for a special occasion. Actually going somewhere special may be some time away, so why not wear it to just cheer yourself up – nothing cheers me up more than gorgeous new clothes.

In my clothes I am ready to face the day, and still ready to face people, whether it be standing on the door step to clap the NHS, or standing at a safe distance in the local supermarket. I am ready to tackle the daily emails, and algebra with a rather moody eleven year old. And whilst some days the clothes are just comfy denim and a hoody, other days I still want to sparkle and think about when it’s all over.

So that is why I am still getting dressed, every single day.


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