Why Playing Outside Is Good For The Imagination

Children derive so much pleasure from being outside. They enjoy all weathers, from splashing around in puddles on rainy days, to digging in the sand on the beach in Summer, if you asked most children where they preferred to be, most would probably answer outside, and this is why your garden space is so important. For not only do children gain so much fun and enjoyment from being outside, they also learn a lot through the all sorts of imaginative play.

Imaginative play can be just about anything. It can involve dressing up, role playing, giving characters to dolls or other toys, or making a den and creating scenarios. It can be something that is done inside, but it is brilliant to transfer it outside, to your garden.  Your garden can become a fantasy world to your child – a jungle, a fairy tale kingdom, the grounds of a castle, the surface of the month literally anywhere. And, as a parent, you can help develop this imaginative play with the items you put into your garden for your children to play with.

Wickey is the go to brand for outside play equipment that is sturdy, safe and strong. It is a godsend for parents who want to transform their garden into an adventure paradise for their children. Colourful and in different designs – a complete fantasy world can be created where children can take on any role to experience endless adventures. Their garden play equipment includes climbing frames that are far beyond the average climbing frame, instead incorporating the features of wooden pirate ships with flags and sails and dragons at the helm. Others have steering wheels and multi coloured climbing walls, for hours of adventurous play.

There are frames with turrets that could double as towers and castles for games of knights and princesses, and their are candy striped awnings perfect for games of shopkeepers. All of these are combined with traditional slides, swings and climbing apparatus to create a wonderful world where make believe can come true.

The wonderful thing about imaginative play is that it doesn’t just exercise and develop the mind. Whilst children are running away from dragons, climbing up those tall towers and crossing over that rope bridge that the troll is underneath, they are also keeping fit and active, getting colour in their cheeks and lots of that wonderful fresh air. They are also helping to develop their fine motor skills, and, if they are playing with siblings or friends, they are also developing important communication skills, learning to share and play together as part of a pair or group – all important life skills.

Spring is the perfect time to develop your garden as the perfect place for imaginative play, so what are you waiting for?

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