Why Small Gifts Can Be Greater Than A Grand Gesture

It is January, and money is in short supply everywhere, as people wait for the payday that comes at the end of the month. But even that payday can bring little respite from the bills and debts that have been accumulated through the Christmas spend, and that means the Valentine’s Day, which comes on 14th February, rather than being a wonderfully romantic day of celebration, can instead feel like another financial burden.

But it really does not have to be like that. A Valentines gift should be all about the gesture and less about the cost. It doesn’t have to be lavish and ostentatious, but should be more about the thought that has gone into it. Here are a few ideas for Valentine’s Gifts that will be loved and appreciated, but won’t leave you with yet another debt to handle.

A beautiful Card

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to include a gift at all, it could just be a really beautiful card with a heartfelt verse and a loving message. Card Factory has a fantastic selection of cards of all sizes and designs, so look for one that really suits the recipient. My husband often chooses a card with an art deco design as he knows it is something I love, or looks for a card with penguins on as it reminds me of a personal joke we have. A card does not have to be expensive if it has been chosen with heart and soul.


Breakfast in Bed and a Lie In

If your other half gets up early each day for work, and then tends to eat breakfast on the run, then the chance of a lie in and being pampered with breakfast in bed will seem like a real thoughtful treat. This is especially true if you are currently nursing a young baby and sleep is in short supply.


Most people have a favourite flower, but flowers do not need to be arranged in a humongous bouquet to be beautiful or cherished. A simple bunch of flowers from an independent florist can mean so much more than an expensive, but ultimately generic bouquet particularly if you have chosen the person’s favourite colour or bloom.

Wild flowers that have been hand picked can also be very romantic and rustic.


Your Last Rolo

Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo? People of a certain generation can remember this advert fondly, so get a small gift box and add a handwritten note for a lovely, romantic gesture.

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