Why Spending More Money Actually Saves You Money

How many times have you decided to save money and gone and bought the cheap version of a product? Then, not long after, it breaks and you buy another one. On and on it goes. If you were to calculate how much you ended up spending then you realize how expensive it is to save money

Instead of sticking with this cycle, it makes sense to spend more money on goods that are high quality and will last a lot longer. Not only are you going to save money in the long run because they last, but they also improve your life because they are superior products. In this article, I will go over what the products are that you should spend more money on.

A purse

You should ideally have two purses. One should be for a quick run to the supermarket or running errands. The other should be a nicer one that you use for everything else. 

The nicer one should definitely be a leather purse that is made by quality craftsmen. This means good leather and not the kind that many brands use. 

There are parts of the animal in which the hide is not suitable to use for goods so they are shaved thin to remove imperfections. This weakens the leather and it doesn’t last long. The cost of these types of products are low and so is the quality. 

A quality leather purse made with durable hardware will be both stylish and long lasting. The look of leather also never goes out of style especially when it is made with quality parts. 

A mattress 

You spend a good portion of your life in bed so you may as well be comfortable and get a good quality isn’t just a question of comfort either. Your sleep is the foundation of good health. When people are not rested and underslept, it affects the immune system. The time spent sleeping builds the immune system so you can fend off illnesses. Underslept people are far more susceptible to getting sick.

Look for mattresses that offer good support for your back, but allow your joints to settle into the mattress. 

A car

Budget cars may last as long as a more expensive one, but they don’t necessarily cost less in the long run. Often a cheap car is made with cheap materials, particularly in the motor. These cheap parts wear out quickly which means time spent at the mechanic at a high cost to you.

More expensive cars often have longer warranties as well as parts made from quality materials that last longer. 


A good pair of handmade shoes made from quality materials can last you a lifetime. With the odd trip to a cobbler here and there they will hold up to the elements and the rigors of walking every day. 

Seek out some makers of handmade shoes and you won’t regret the extra money. They also feel better on your feet because they are made according to the exact measurements of your particular feet. 


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