Why Vinyl Records Are Best

Vinyl records have gone in and out of style since the 1930s.  In this time, millions of artists have had their music pressed into these discs, which were then brought home to play privately.  Unfortunately, although they’ve risen in popularity the last few years, many still don’t see the magic of vinyl records. But they’re mistaken if they think there isn’t any magic there.

The Sound Is Different

Most speakers aim to make it sound like the singer or musician is living in the room with you these days.  Although this can have its advantages, it loses some of the warmth that a record player can make.  The slight static noise, the warmer tones added to songs, and the small skimming sound of the record itself being played all add up into a beautiful and nostalgic sound.  Sure, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll feel like the singer is in the room with you, but it does offer a chance to feel like you’re in a better time and place.

There’s More Variety

Records have existed since the 1930s and are still produced to some degree today, which means there are nearly ninety years of records in the world.  If you take up a hobby of playing records and collecting them, you’ll never run out of music to listen to.  Whether you want to listen to jazz for the rest of your life or cycle through genres like you’re trying out new cuisines, you’ll find something new every time.

You Can Find Them Inexpensively

If you’re saving money to look at Ottawa homes for sale and aren’t sure you can afford to start a new collection- don’t fear!  Some music shops have record bins for as cheap as twenty-five cents per record.  You can easily purchase a small group to enjoy in your new home without breaking the bank.  It’s essential that you still pick out music you’re interested in so that you don’t waste those quarters, but you may be surprised to find how many records you can find for incredibly cheap!

You Own Something Physical

There’s no questioning the fact that it’s easier to get your hands on and store music when it’s digital.  Many people don’t even purchase songs anymore; they just listen to streaming services like Spotify or Pandora.  Although this can be nice, there’s something special about owning a physical copy of any album you love.  Many modern musicians still offer vinyl versions of their music, which means you’ll have something to support that artist that not many fans get to purchase.

They Are Collector’s Pieces

Sometimes, even while just riffling through a bin of twenty-five cent records, you can strike gold.  There are records out there worth thousands that some may not realize the worth of when they sell them.  Collecting documents, especially rarer ones, is a fantastic way to build up a physical nest egg for you to sell off later.  Although there’s no guarantee that you’ll find a winner, almost every record gains value based on how well kept it is and how old it is.  Keep a hold on these, and you may eventually be able to pay off your kid’s college fund with it.

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