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Why we should all be taking Vitamin D supplements.

Do you take Vitamin D supplements? If you are, well done! If the answer is no, then maybe you should take a few minutes to re-evaluate this and add Vitamin D to your shopping list. Because if the latest findings from a government commissioned health report is to be believed, we all need a little dose of sunshine added to our lives and diets. (You can read about the report on the BBC website here.)

We get our Vitamin D from sunshine and from good balanced diets that contain items like oily fish, eggs and red meat and liver. But these days, sunshine is in short supply, even in Summer (think days like yesterday, hot and warm, but with hardly any sunshine to enjoy.) Vitamin D from sunshine is absorbed into our skin and helps us to maintain healthy bones, teeth and muscles, making us maintain a fit and healthy physique, but with muggier, duller summer weather, followed by Autumn and Winter, when sunny days are also scarce, we run the risk of not obtaining enough Vitamin D. This can, in turn, cause diseases like Ricketts, and illness like bone and muscle aches and pains.


But these days, there is no real reason to have a deficiency of Vitamin D as your daily dose can be obtained in tablet form through Vitamin D supplements.  The BBC report says:-

“…an extensive review of the evidence, carried out by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN), suggests everyone over the age of one needs to consume 10 micrograms of vitamin D each day in order to protect bone and muscle health. And public health officials say, in winter months, people should consider getting this from 10 microgram supplements, if their diet is unlikely to provide it…”


A simple tablet supplement that could make all the difference to your health is such a simple addition to your daily routine, but is well worth the benefits.


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