Why you should consider cruising.

One of my favourite ways to holiday is cruising. I have cruised on four occasions, the first was a cruise around Malaysia, taking in Singapore, Malacca and Penang (amazing – still one of the best experiences I have ever had). The other cruises have been Mediterranean Cruises, which have included a host of fantastic ports of call including Cannes, Barcelona, Monte Carlo and Ajaccio.  This post is a guide to the things I love about cruising, and why you should definitely consider this option for a late Summer, or Winter sun holiday.

The Ports of Call

A cruise gives you the opportunity to get a snapshot of new places. Western Med cruises often include trips to Naples, Florence, Malaga, Gibralter, Cannes and Sardinia, so you get a chance to get a taster of a place that you may decide to visit for a longer period at a later date.

Most cruises will offer excursions that you can book, so if you don’t feel confident exploring by yourself, you can join an organised trip. Your cruise ship will offer maps and advice if you do decide to do your own thing.




One of the most amazing things about being onboard ship is the dining options. You can literally eat from the moment you get up, to the moment you go to bed, with restaurant options being the epitome of fine dining, often running to 6 or 7 courses. I loved the afternoon tea options, where you could have the traditional tea, scones and cakes, as well as poolside barbecues and burgers. Be prepared though, you may need a strict diet once you return.

Joe loved the food!
Joe loved the food!

Dressing up

If, like me, you love the opportunity to dress up, the gala evenings and captain’s night is where you don your gladrags and finery, and really feel like a star walking a red carpet. When we cruised, even Joe (just eight months old at the time) had his own dinner jacket and was part of a very special experience.



The Ship

Cruise ships are floating hotels that have everything to address your needs. You can enjoy a range of luxury shopping options, from perfumes and designer bags and watches, often tax free. There are spas offering a range of treatments, cinema’s showing the latest films, and a range of top flight entertainment. You can enjoy games in the pool, or just sit in a deckchair and relax by watching the horizon.



A cruise is the perfect holiday option, whatever your age or taste. Definitely something to consider when planning your next holiday.

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