Why You Should Consider Letting Your Home For Holidays.

If 2021 has proven anything, it is that the UK is a fabulous place to enjoy your holidays. We have miles of beautiful coastline and countryside that we often overlook in the dash to enjoy foreign climes and beaches, our history is second to none, more than comparable with Rome and Paris, and we have rivers and mountains to explore and savour. Plus, at times this year, the weather hasn’t been half bad, certainly good enough for me to work on my tan. Plus, if you live in a desirable tourist area, you could even find yourself making some money when you holiday by letting out your home for holidaymakers to stay in. Win win!

One of the most desirable areas for tourism in the UK is the glorious Cotswolds. Covering five counties, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire, and made up of wonderful picturesque villages, rolling hills and beautiful scenery, the Cotswolds have long been an area that are beloved by tourists who want to really experience life in an English village. Now they are also an area where you can make money from your property when you are not using it yourself by allowing it to be used as an holiday let with a company like StayCotsWold.

StayCotswold is the perfect holiday letting company for your Cotswold home. They are based in Burford, so they are local to the area, having that local knowledge that can be so useful when it comes to making money from your home. They have a proven track record of successful lettings and lots of brilliant reviews from happy customers and clients.

StayCotswold understand that making money from your property is the most important thing, so they put your needs first, and have built up a portfolio of clients homes that are places that are totally desirable as holiday lets, placing your own home in good company. They offer lots of hints and tips on their website for how you can make your home more attractive to prospective clients, including looking at eco issues which are so important to people in our current times.

Making contact with StayCotswold is easy, there is a form on their website where you can fill in your details and then receive a call back to discuss in more details.

2021 has been the year of the staycation, with Autumn and Christmas promising to remain a busy time when it comes to tourism. If you have a beautiful home in the Cotswolds, this could be the ideal time to cash in and make some money from it.

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