Why you should get your kids into cricket

Cricket is the sport of LEGENDS and getting your children involved early is a good decision for a variety of reasons that have the power to reward both you and them. All sporting activities are tied with great health benefits, but there’s something about cricket that sets it a part from the rest…

It’s worth looking into, right? Here are 3 reasons why you should get your kids into cricket.

It gets them out into the fresh air

There’s no denying that we’ve become a digitally obsessed society. More than likely, your kids (and your neighbour’s kids, and your sister’s kids, and the kids who live 5 doors down) have grown accustomed to that indoor lifestyle which heavily involves computer screens, games consoles and Snapchat.

By getting them into cricket at an early age, you’ll be teaching them how to appreciate the wonderful world that exists beyond the four walls of their bedroom!  

It offers many opportunities to socialise

A healthy social life is a healthy life, full stop.  By getting your kids into cricket, you’ll be giving them a great opportunity to meet other people their age, and ultimately make friendships for life.

In the same way, your children’s new found love of cricket will also present you, as their parent, with the same valuable opportunities. You’ll be able to chat and mingle with fellow parents! You’re not alone – My Sports Movement has put together a list of tips for parents who have kids that play cricket.

It’s suitable for anyone

Cricket is a sport that encourages teamwork – because a successful game relies on it. Children of any age (over 5-years-old) and with abilities that range from complete beginner to ‘professional’ can be sure to get involved. 

By getting your kids into cricket while they’re young, ultimately they’ll have years ahead of them to practice and develop their skills. There’s all the time in the world. 

It builds important life skills

Focus. Patience. Camaraderie. 

As with any team sport, cricket teaches young children the importance of skills that they’ll be able to reapply to other aspects of their life, both in the present and the future. After a few games of cricket, your children will be better able to engage with their peers by discussing tactics and techniques as they play, alongside holding an improved level of concentration and patience.  

Cricket involves a lot of strategising, focus and composure as the play unfolds – useful skills for any child to learn as they grow up.

It increases their fitness

While they won’t need to build the type of stamina that footballers rely on in order to play their 90-minute game, cricket still offers plenty of opportunities to increase physical ability. 

Quite often, you’ll see a player move from a statue position and straight into a crazy run in just a matter of seconds, their eye fixated on that ball. Cricket matches are also known for lasting a substantial amount of time, so you can count on that stamina improving. 

It’s a known fact that getting your kids into cricket will provide a beneficial boost to both the mental and physical health for kids and adults alike. Why not look at your local cricket club and see what opportunities they have for children? If you’re based in or around County Durham and wondering: ‘where is the best local cricket club near me?’ Chester-le-Street Cricket Club is a great shout.

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